Platinum 3776

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  • Great for heavy-handed writers
  • Beautiful example of fine workmanship
  • Writes a little wet but it's not a gusher
  • Never burps ink, never dries out
  • Introduced on the company's 74th anniversary in 1992


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Platinum 3776 Shungyo Fountain Pen Review — The Pen Addict
But, there is a but, and I want to cut right to the chase:I recommend the Platinum 3776 series of fountain pens to anyone.
4 months ago
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Good starter fountain pen
Your budget is way high for a good starter pen :-) lucky him. For that budget a Sailor pro gear slim, Platinum 3776, pilot custom 74 and several good pens could be his options. Depends a lot on writing style, size of the hand and other preferences. Honestly, if he has not written with fountain pens extensively yet, I would start with a Pilot Metropolitan.
7 months ago
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Wed. Review- Platinum 3776 Extra Fine Nibs
Platinum 3776 Black Century Extra Fine, which is quite thin be surprisingly smooth. Platinum 3776 Ultra Extra Fine, which is the thinnest nib I’ve ever used, and is smooth considering how thin it writes. I don’t know to what degree these nibs will be available ongoing, I know there are limited numbers of them arriving in the US right now
4 months ago
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Reasons to NOT get a Lamy 2000 (please don't crucify me)
This happens with Lamy Safaris, too. If you want to protect against this, get a Platinum 3776, which will seal really well — and also give you a very stiff gold nib. 3. You are not supposed to disassemble your pen to clean it.
1 year ago
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Review: Platinum 3776 Century — Alt. Haven
April 17, 2015 in Fountain Pen, review The Numbers: Weight: 25g Length (capped): 140mm Length (uncapped): 120mm Length of cap: 67mm
Price: 7344 yen from Amazon Japan
Body Material: Resin Nib Material: 14k Gold Filling Mechanism: Cartridge (included) / Converter (sold seperately)
Colours: Black, Bourgogne, Chartres Blue, Nice and Nice Pur
4 months ago
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Vanishing point came in today and I finally filled up my pen case!
* Platinum 3776 Nice Lilas. * Sailor Pro Gear Slim Yukitsubaki.
1 year ago
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The best deal on the planet for this pen is right here ...
Fantastic, beautiful example of fine workmanship in a writing instrument. Mine, with the medium nib, writes a little wet but it's not a gusher. It never burps ink, it never dries out. My daily use go-to ink is Rohrer & Klingner Salix Iron Gall, this pen lays that ink down perfectly and very smoothly...
7 years ago
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Pen Review: The Platinum 3776 Century: Chartres and Bourgogne — The Gentleman Stationer
TakeawaysAt $75, the Platinum 3776 is an excellent value proposition and moves itself into competition for the "best first gold-nibbed pen" list (subject to the potential-lack-of-actual-customer-support qualification I mentioned). For a little more than a TWSBI Vac Mini or a 580 AL, you get a 14K nib that's pretty much the same as you would find on a Nakaya. I am withholding judgment on the UEF nib for the time being, until I get the issues sorted out, but I can strongly recommend the stock (F,M,B) Platinum nibs
My 2021 fountain pen purchases. Pretty happy with it.
\- Platinum 3776 Blue (soft fine nib). \- Montblanc Meisterstück 146 LeGrand Bordeaux (medium nib).
10 months ago
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Platinum #3776 Century Carnelian
The sparkle in the material catches the light as you write with it and it looks like it is on fire. This would be a perfect everyday pen or even for a special occasion. Specs: Name: Platinum #3776 Century Carnelian Design: Classic cigar shape Length: 140mm (5


Cap can post


Cap Mechanism

Screw Cap


Packaged in a Gift Box


5.5" L X 0.5" D