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  • Great for beginners
  • Smooth writing
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  • Japanese fountain pens are one of a kind
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Fountain Pen Review: Pilot Prera
In comparison to other pens, it is probably closest in size to the Sailor Pro-Gear Slim, and a decent amount shorter than Pilot’s other entry level model, the Pilot Metropolitan Pop. Left to right: Pilot Prera, Sailor Pro-Gear Slim Cosmos, Pilot Metropolitan Pop, TWSBI Eco. Overall, I enjoyed testing the Prera
NPD! Finally got a hold of one of my grail pens
After a year of “I’ll get it next time,” I finally pulled the trigger and got one of my grail pens. It was a rollercoaster finding one in stock though, cuz when I was windowshopping at Pensachi with the intention of checking out later in the evening after work, the listing was already sold out hahaha. Was legit heartbroken and just thought ”maybe it wasn’t meant to be” till someone pointed out that it was still available over at Amazon JP and was actually cheaper. A few weeks later and it finally arrived and it’s much more beautiful in person than in photos, the size did surprise me though despite owning a Pilot Prera.
1 year ago
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A sketch of a cat using only Ink Institute Cat at Noon
Ink Institute Cat at Noon in a Pilot Prera EF. Color washes done with a crimson taklon filbert. I love this ink and don't have anything else like it in my collection--beautiful washes varying from yellow to pink, and the ink writes like a light strawberry red. Not too dry like a lot of pastel inks tend to be.
1 year ago
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Can you tell that I'm a rookie and a Pilot fan?
I’m old with ‘almost enough’ pens and I always sing the praises of Pilot steel nibbed pens, especially the Prera! I like your collection of tinted transparent Kakunos, not very common and always cool.
Collection with no room to grow (thankfully, for my wallet)
Pilot Prera Ivory (fine). 10. Moonman Wancai Clear Demonstrator (fine).
1 year ago
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I quickly saw how much I preferred FPs, and the community. I then moved to a Ltd Edition, Ebony Conklin All American, a Kaweco Steel and Brass sport as well as the Aluminum, a Pilot Prera, a Sailor Compass some additional Lamys, a Noodlers Ahab and Triple Tail and two TWSBI Ecos and a TWSBI AL R, a Muji, some other Jinhaos etc.
1 year ago
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Beginner Fountain Pen
Pilot Metropolitan would be a good choice. My other recommendations would be Lamy Safari, Kaweco Sport, Pilot Prera and Platinum Plaisir. Go with whichever of those you think she'd like the most based on design and size; they're all nice pens.
1 year ago
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Is it okay to really, really like a $20 pen? This Pelikan Twist feels good, writes well and takes standard converters. A smooth effortless writer. Tied with Muji for my affordable must have.
It’s my favorite pen. I also love and use to death a pilot Prera I got for I think $22. And when I was working a fairly chaotic teaching job I carried it 100x more often than the 823. $20 winners almost feel better because they outperform some much more expensive pens!.
[Official] Free Talk Friday: Your Weekly Discussion Thread
Had one hell of a week and ordered a pink kakuno. Today I swapped that nib with my Prera so my cool-as-a-cucumber grey Prera now has a winky nib. My first successful nib swap and I’m really happy with the result.
Pilot Prera - Review — Duck's Doodles
I think this pen fulfills a different need that the Metroplotitan- the Prera is a well built, compact pen.
4 months ago
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