Pelikan Souverän M600

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  • Great for left-handed users
  • Smooth as silk
  • Excellent writing experience
  • Pen is a bit heavy
  • Cap does not post on the back of the pen


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A Beautiful Classic Pelikan
This is a really nice fountain pen. I have always liked Pelikan fountain pens and this is my first one from the 600 series. It has a pleasing weight when you put the cap on, indeed, just the right weight and size. The design is simply beautiful, including the engraved dual-colored nib. The classic g...
8 years ago
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Fountain Pen Review: Pelikan Souverän M600 Turquoise White
It just glided over the page, unlike any other pen I have used. The pen itself is moderately sized, just on the upper end of what is comfortable for my small hand. As you can see below, I have an M200 that is a bit shorter and thinner, and the M600 is close to the width of the Sailor 1911 and the Platinum 3776, if a bit shorter
4 months ago
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* Pelikan M600 Vibrant Orange with M400 EF nib (CI grind). * Sailor 1911S Wicked Witch of the West - Medium Fine. * Sailor Pro Gear Fire - Medium. * Opus 88 Jazz - 1.5mm Italic.
1 year ago
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Pelikan M600 Souverain: The Right Choice? — The Gentleman Stationer
I’m glad I went with the M600. While I still expect to add both a M800 and a M1000 to my collection eventually, those have been pushed way down the wish list.
The Pelikan M600 Pink Special Edition Fountain Pen: A Review — The Pen Addict
The Pink Pelikan M600 is a terrific pen. It boasts the usual Pelikan quality, and hopefully this pen won't have the cap cracking issues the M400 White Tortoise did. I highly recommend this pen to both men and women who love this color
4 months ago
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Anyone cap out at beneath $100?
I think the intersection of writing experience and price is at about $300. For that price you can get a a Pelikan M400, Pilot 823, Sailor 1911 large or Pro Gear, or a used Mont Blanc 146 or Pelikan M600. Any of those pens will provide a pleasant gold nib writing experience that will last a lifetime.
10 months ago
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Review: Old & New Style M600’s Head-to-Head
The old style M600 edges out the new style here as the consistent demand for it is likely to help maintain its resale value. Winner: Old style, Pre-1997 M600 Conclusion – Both excellent pens I love both of these pens and am happy to have them in my collection. I think that the design is classic, the dependability is without question, and both pens provide a comfortable writing experience
4 months ago
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Smooth as silk.
Smooth as silk. Excellent writing experience! The nib is wet, but not overly so. Cap posts well. Very elegant and classy design. Standard Western Medium nib. Out of my collection of Mont Blanc's, Custom Pilots, Sailors and others, this is my favourite writing instrument.
5 years ago
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most expensive:least favorite
Got a Pelikan Souveran M600 violet white. Nib had misaligned tines, and was only very briefly smooth after I adjusted it before getting all scratchy again. The band by the piston came all tarnished, too. :( I got an authorization to return it this week.
1 year ago
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Pelikan m600 mini rewiev
Medium nib performs like the bold one.Apart from this it writes fully smooth when holding at a certain angle.Maybe its due to my nib but comparing to my lamy 2000 it isnt better. Good luck.
3 years ago
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