Pelikan Souverän M1000

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  • Great for the price
  • Beautiful design
  • Solid heft to the pen
  • Smooth piston filling system with high capacity
  • Fast shipping and careful packing from


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Pelikan Souveran M1000 Fountain Pen Review — The Pen Addict
Their history traces back over 170 years, and their quality and care in manufacturing shows in every single product they make. I was a fan of Pelikan well prior to receiving the M1000, with models from the 200, 400, and 800 series already in my collection, and a 600 in route as I type this. So yes, I like Pelikans
4 months ago
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As much criticism as German pens often get for being overpolished(and I do find modern Pelikans way too smooth), I find vintage Montblancs and pretty much any MB Oblique grind to have really good feedback. The Sailor definitely has more, but it's almost to the point of being scratchy and not pleasant to me. Again, I like "sharp pencil" feedback, but this goes just a bit beyond that. BTW, I picked a B on this because I normally like western Ms as my go-to width, and my past experience with Japanese pens(Pilots for me-this is my first Sailor) is that I don't get along particularly well with anything smaller than a Japanese M. I know I'll probably get downvoted for this, and on the whole I do really like the pen.
1 year ago
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Underrated design and aesthetics, bneautiful and refined. Soft, buttery nib that literally "sings"
The pen is great. However the vendor sent me a version different from what was advertised. I ordered the Black/Gold M1000 with EF nib and received the Green Striated version with EF nib instead. At first I thought I would exchange it, but the more I looked at it, the more it grew on me so I decided ...
Chris Hoesel
7 years ago
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Pen Review: Pelikan M1000
But for a pen in this price range, a pen that should be shouldering the very reputation of the brand, the nib issues I experienced on this M1000 were inexcusable. I hope that Pelikan uses the money from these recent price increases to invest more heavily in quality control in their nib department.
4 months ago
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A Class Apart
Amazing looks, glorious nib, superb craftsmanship, wonderful finish with a solid heft to the pen. The ink filling piston system is smooth and has high capacity.
Penboutique ships it fast and packs it carefully.
Vik K.
4 months ago
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Pelikan’s flagship pen does not disappoint
Excellent price for a Pelikan M1000, Pelikan’s upper tier model. The pen arrived quickly and came in the appropriate Pelikan packaging. I filled it shortly after opening and it is a delightful writer. The broad nib is buttery-smooth, soft and wet. It is one of the nicest nibs I’ve written with. The ...
Rachael Lea Tate
3 years ago
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Pelican M1000
This is a birthday gift for my son. His BD is in March, so he doesn't have it yet. He has an M400 and M600, and he likes them both. I don't expect less from the M1000.
8 months ago
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All I'd hoped for.
I've many pens, all are good in different ways. This is my favorite for writing comfort, requires the lightest touch of them all to write. A beautiful feedback of nib on paper, my nib was extra fine, as my writing is small and intricate. I love the wetness and nib grind. Feels very comfortable to me...
Bilal Akhund
5 years ago
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I have about 12 pens in my collection, about 1/2 high end pens and this Pelikan 1000 may be the best writer of the bunch. It is certainly smooth and a joy to use. It is a large pen but that is my personal preference.I initially got a medium nib but utilized Pelikan's service in the first 4 weeks to ...
Alex W.
1 year ago
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This is a great fountain pen.
I have had several high end pens, all of which were disappointing, especially a Mont Blanc! THIS pen is perfect. It writes very well, never skips, and doesn't leak. Pricey, but well worth the money.
4 years ago
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