Pelikan M200

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  • Great for writing
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable grip
  • Size and smooth feel of the steel, Medium nib
  • Great-looking barrel and overall color scheme, too


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My first Pelikan — worth the wait
This is my first Pelikan, and I am very pleased. I like the light weight, the comfortable grip, the size and the smooth feel of the steel, Medium nib. Great-looking barrel and overall color scheme, too. The price from this vendor was good, too. I saw some nice vintage Pelikans recently at the 5th an...
Karl Kunkel
4 years ago
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Pelikan Classic M200 Fountain Pen Review
The Pelikan M200 is a pen I’ll get a lot of enjoyment and use out of, so for me, it’s well worth the money.
4 months ago
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Recommendations for a light, thin pen?
The Pelikan M200 is very light and pretty slim, while still feeling very sturdy. The Kaweco Student is a bit heavier, but has a very nice concave grip section that feels great. It's probably my favourite pen.
10 months ago
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What would you choose in between Pelikan M405 and Lamy 2000? (M nib for both)
The pelikan m200 to 700's are not designed to be repaired. Even if it never comes up, I don't like the thought that Pelikan designed them in such a fashion when they were perfectly capable of making easily repairable piston filler pens since they first introduced that filling mechanism to the market in the late 1920's. These modern m150/300/200/400/600's are a step down in this regard imo.
10 months ago
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Is it still worth to get the M6 Mark II?
There is no way IMO an RF mount camera can be as small as an M200 with the 22mm pancake. I use that for webcam and social media photos on the go/travel - takes no room at all. But if size isn’t an issue for you I would look to getting a second hand EOS R over the M6ii - M6ii video is pixel binned which is a no go for me.
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My First Flashlight Purchase!
It's about as bright as my old light which was a little bigger than the M200 and it is TINY! These things look good, feel good, the UI is easy to use, and I like that with the M200 set to mode group B the UI is almost identical to the H04RC. In the album there's some beamshots in my backyard, the fence is about 100 feet away. Don't worry, I chased away /r/notmycat before turning on the bigger lights.
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Pelikan Classic M200 Brown Marbled… What-the-Pelikan-Fuss?
2ml of ink, which lasts for quite a few pages of solid text. The pen’s generous ink capacity is yet more good news, because once I started writing with that nib, I didn’t really want to stop. This is another glorious writer
Reasons to NOT get a Lamy 2000 (please don't crucify me)
Coming from TWSBIs, I also had that feeling when I bought my Pelikan m200. 4 years later of daily use tells me that a flush every semester is all it needs if you use it frequently and with the same ink. Even if you swap inks a lot, you don't want to be disassembling your pens a lot, as plastic parts will just loose their tight fit over time.
1 year ago
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What is your methodology/theme behind your pen collection?
The 'meh' pen is a Pelikan M200 - it would be 'great' if the nib wasn't scratchy. This does NOT seem to be a common problem.
1 year ago
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Writes very nicely. Is very light. You can't see how much ink is left
I already own a Pelikan 215 which I was pretty happy with. The 200 writes just as nicely. Some 'high end' pens are priced as jewellery and are not particularly good for writing. The Pelikan is engineered for writing first and writes consistently smoothly without any scratchiness or blotchiness - I'v...
R. J. Hunter
9 years ago
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