Patagonia R1 Air

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  • Great for high output activities
  • Patagonia R1 Air is super comfortable, like ridiculously comfortable
  • Product review rating is 9
  • New for season 20/21


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Best Fleece Jackets of 2022 - GearLab
Patagonia's R1 series has been a longtime favorite of our testers. Emulated by many, the grid fleece technology has become a staple in most people's active cold-weather layering system. Somehow, Patagonia has created an even better version with the release of the R1 Air. Built from a proprietary "ho...
10 months ago
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I find myself using the r1 chest pocket + thumb loops for warmth than the melly kangaroo pocket. However, the melly hood scoop with a cinch is much warmer than when I am fully covered in the r1. ​. The r1 air chest pocket keeps snacks warm when it’s cold and discourages putting in heavy items that will make you have a saggy, heavy chest.
Which Arc'teryx Fleece is right for me? (Hiking)
Patagonia R1 hoody is simply incredible. Definitely try one. I like my Arc Fortrez but the Pat R1 hoody deserves its rep.
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After a Year in Patagonia’s R1 Air, I Won’t Wear Another Midlayer
Yet the latter lack is a small price to pay for its warmth-to-weight ratio and its versatility of use.
4 months ago
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Late to the party
Layering Patagonia R1 Air, Atom SL (kinetic) and Palisade pants (Cobalt Moon) for hiking in the dolomites, earlier this fall
Patagonia R1 Air Zip Review - The Best Mid Layer on The Market?
. it’s also FREE at the moment! All you need to do is click this link (or the sexy image of Will flexing his handstand skillz), provide your email, and we’ll email you the ebook lickety-split!Final ThoughtsHopefully you found this Patagonia R1 Air Zip Review to be at least a little bit helpful
Recommend a zip up hoodie?
Patagonia R1 full zip hoodie. It might look too much like a jacket for you, but it is a fantastic one bag item. Warm, but not hot. Great for all activities. Looks sharp even when dressing up a bit. Water resistant and 3 zipper pockets.
What onebag items WEREN'T worth it for you
Great layering piece, lightweight, tons of pockets. Really solid for travel days in more temperate climates.
Patagonia R1 Air Full-Zip Hoody: Full Review | TGO Magazine
If you prefer a fleece without a hood there’s the R1 Air Zip-Neck with high collar and half-length zip at £110 and the sweater-style R1 Air Crew at £90. BEST BUY: This product has been awarded our ‘Best Buy’ endorsement, meaning our reviewer believes it to be one of the best items of its kind available.
4 months ago
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Advice for midlayers and softshells?
If youre really trying to keep it down to the minimum for those activities then the Patagonia r1, gamma Lt hoody is a versatile combo that covers a lot of them. For pants, I really can't think of anything that would be appropriate for skiing that I would want to run in. Don't think the Trino sl is up to skiing, but I don't have direct experience with those pants.
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