Parker Vacumatic

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  • Great for calligraphy
  • Good ink capacity
  • Classic design
  • Made in USA
  • Easy to use


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The Parker Vacumatic — The Pen Addict
(Ron Gilmour is a fountain pen enthusiast, would-be calligrapher, and librarian. You can find him online at Twitter @gilmour70 and Instagram.)
In the introduction to this series, I mentioned that one of the drawbacks to the various sac-filling pens was ink capacity. Because you need room for the sa...
4 months ago
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Not how I expected my VPD to go 😭
This was supposed to be a Parker Vacumatic Golden Brown Pen/Pencil set, but our mail carrier left the package in a public spot and never knocked. By the time I got the "delivered" message, someone had already stolen the pen and pencil and left the box by the dumpster. I was really looking forward to this set :(.
5 months ago
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Which pen(s), out of all you have, will you just never part with no matter what?
My 1935 Burgundy Parker Vacumatic with a factory oblique broad. It was the first pen I spontaneously purchased and the first that was over $100. Absolutely love it and it's practically my child and my daily writer.
10 months ago
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Flawed and Wonderful: Parker Vacumatic in Azure Blue
pretty sure it’s just me being impatient when filling). Despite all of this, I love this pen. LOVE
Was pondering upon this question yesterday so i thought might ask you guys. Lemme know your thoughts about it
It's just survival of the best that makes it seem like what was made before was a lot better. My work desk pen is a vintage Parker Vacumatic Desk Pen that I got as new old stock still in original box never inked. It was made in 1942, was an upper quality one with a lifetime warranty, and it's scratchy as fuck, doesn't always write well even on Tomoe River, and hard starts almost every single time. Right now it's dumping ink on down strokes and barely stuttering out any ink on cross strokes.
1 year ago
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Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen. How to tell if it's Gold?? Also a few silvers
Also got a Parker pen. After looking on ebay, it looks to be a Vacumatic Fountain Pen. Looking through, some of these look to be just gold plated, but others have some solid gold
4 months ago
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Let’s talk about hands!
My VP is about the perfect thickness and weight for me, it is quite comfortable and what I use most often for taking hours of notes. The smallest pen I use on a regular basis is my Parker Vacumatic, its about 5'' capped and about 4.6'' from the tip of the nib to the back when upcapped.
1 year ago
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What Shall I Do With These Vintage Parker Pencils?
Beautiful - the Vacumatic’s striped celluloid is such a lovely design.
Vintage Pen Primer, Part IV: The Parker Vacumatic — The Gentleman Stationer
The Parker Vacumatic was on the market for a very long time.
most expensive:least favorite
**Both** my 2 most expensive pens are disappointments. * **Parker Vacumatic oversize red-stripe** -- I thought I was getting a deal, as I was over-careful handling it before purchase and didn't realize the cap didn't match the body... so it either dries out the nib or tightens so much it twists the tines.
1 year ago
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