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  • Great for the price
  • Beautiful design
  • Heavy and large pen overall, but cap is what makes the statement
  • A symbol of excellence since 1921
  • Driven by a commitment to superior craftsmanship


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Enjoyable Writing Experience and Much More
Haven't had a lot of days with this pen, but I have spent a lot of time with it over the days I've had it. I've moved from pens that are down right scratchy to those that offer middle to slight feedback, to this one that glides across paper like butter on heated glass. Not sloppy though; even on les...
G. Lott
5 years ago
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Some early thoughts on the Parker Duofold International Big Red fountain pen.
Here is the pen again. The Parker Duofold International, Big Red. The current version of an old classic
4 months ago
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What is the difference between an expensive and a $20 pen?
I use steel nibs still (Lamy Al Star and Kaweco Sport), but they don’t quite compre to the Lamy 2000 or a vintage Parker Duofold. The latter two pens are heavier, use piston filling and button filling mechanisms, have gold nibs, and feel more carefully engineered. This is not to say cheaper pens suck!
1 year ago
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Parker Duofold Centennial – Check Amber – Medium Oblique
Excellent condition – Includes box and converter
Check Amber Duofold Centennial Mark II – 88 18k Medium Oblique – 2 Tone Ace Nib
A symbol of excellence since 1921, Duofold remains the most distinguished pen in Parker’s discerning lineage. Driven by a commitment to superior craftsmanship, every de...
4 months ago
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Parker Duofold review of a true classical fountain pen
The fountain pen is well in hand, and the thread for the cap doesn’t cause any problems. With the cap on top the Parker Duofold is quite a large pen. But without the cap it’s nicely balanced to write with
4 months ago
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Parker Duofold review of a true classical fountain pen
The Parker Duofold, a true classic
The Duofold is in production for almost a 100 years. For who is interested in the history of this fountain pen can eat his heart out. There is a complete book about it, with lots and lots of beautiful photos of historic models....
2 months ago
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No regrets
I got the Blue Chevron version of this pen and it is quite beautiful (needless to say, at this price point you buy the pen more for its looks than for its nib). First - the pen is big and heavy overall, but the cap is what makes the statement (it is BIG). Without it, the size of the pen is "normal",...
5 years ago
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Vintage Parker Slimfold
This pen is part of the Parker Duofold lineup, the Parker Slimfold. To my surprise, I did know about this pen until it popped up on penswap, shout out to u/nitrofish44. I found out that they were produced in England starting in 1958 and discontinued in 1975. The pen is slender, uses the parker aerometric filling system and comes with a 14K #5 nib to denote that it is the slimfold model.
5 months ago
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Superb quality, detail, value, and a fantastic writer
Every once in a while a really great deal comes along. To wit, the Parker Duofold Centennial Big Red is such a deal. In the world of high end, high quality fountain pens, this Big Red is a fantastic deceptive sleeper. IMHO, today Parker is thought of in a historical aspect as a legacy brand. Indeed,...
Shawn Christopher Phillips
3 years ago
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Excellent value. Great writing pen.
Great pen! Nice gold nib and flows moderately well. It is nicely sized, just a little smaller than pelikan souveran M1000 and Montblanc 149. I found the included converter to not work well - at most it can only be filled half-way so there is far more ink in a cartridge. Keep in mind that similar sty...
4 years ago
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