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  • Great for writing reports
  • Large ink supply, will last a long time
  • Well balanced writes smooth comes with black fine point ball point refill
  • Interesting history behind them


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A Parker 45 User Review
The Writing Experience. Parker 45s provide an incredible writing experience for the price that they are sold. The 14k nib is soft (though you shouldn’t try to flex it) and beautifully smooth
Recommendations for a light, thin pen?
Vintage pens. The Parker 45 and Parker 51 are designed for long writing sessions. Not just in their weight and shape, but in the reliability of the ink flow over extended use. (I get so tired of having to prime the feed every 15 minutes in some of my modern pens.).
10 months ago
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Pen Review: Parker 45
The Parker 45. Parker 45 in package. Interestingly, the (gold-nibbed) Parker 45 came in cheaper packaging than the steel-nibbed IM
Wanting to try an “entry level” gold nib pen, and looking for recommendations.
Best bang for buck if you don't mind some wear. Probably best to find one that has been refreshed, but that should still come under budget unless you go for a particularly rare example. Pen_Swap is always a good place to find some, though dangerous to the wallet lol. The Parker 45 for example is a popular one and has a 14k nib.
1 year ago
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Recs for a first gold nib pen?
However, it gives you the best bang for your buck in its price range, with the (possible) exceptions of Pilot Capless and the Platinum 3776. Regarding vintage pens: last weekend I paid about 5 euro for a Parker 45 Flighter Deluxe with a 18 k gold nib, in really good condition.
1 year ago
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Kaweco Sport is my jam. Looking for suggestions
The m80 is a remake of one of my favorite pens, the Parker 45. Check eBay for Chinese pens, a lot of vendors offer free shipping. If you’re in the UK you might be able to find a vintage Parker 45 in your budget even... they are very nice pens, use modern Parker ink cartridges/converters, and have a really convenient slip-on cap (great for jotting a quick note).
1 year ago
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Parker 45 fountain pen review
However, whilst my vintage pen buying record is not great, I’ve had good luck with old Parkers and with Parker 45s in particular. I have two Parker 45s, both bought really quite cheaply, and they are both great. The model I’m reviewing here is a traditional black plastic with gold trim and, unusually for a Parker 45, a medium gold nib
4 months ago
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God why does this pen have to be so expensive to me? This is my dream pen, all the reviews say it’s great for school and it’s reliable.
Also every once in a while places like endless pens will sell them off at $12 of so like how I got a black and pink one with a medium and broad nib at that price. But if you mainly want it because it's said to be great for school there's a few choices that are regularly under 20, such as a Pilot Metropolitan (aka MR), or you find a used vintage Parker 45 (a hell of a workhorse, very reliable, and takes modern Parker cartridges or converters) which a lot of times shows up under 15 to 20 and just needs a good flushing of water thru the back to be usable again.
7 months ago
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Remaking the 45: A Cooperation between HERO & Parker
It is hereby declared. [Zhao Songsheng was the honorary chairman of Hero (Group) Company by the time the article was written. ]
4 months ago
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Is there a nice pen under $30 for a student with cheap paper? (im plan Ing to use pelikan 4001 ink)
Vintage Parker 45: used "base model" ones can be had off eBay for $20. Bit of a pig in a poke with a used pen but they are dead simple pens that will last forever. Can be had NOS and there are a wide variety of nibs to be had on the cheap and gold nibs can be found occasionally. Usually found in fine.
1 year ago
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