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Panasonic DP-UB820

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  • Great for movies
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Easy to use and set up
  • No remote included in the box
  • Not the best for 4K streaming


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Very Good for Just Playing Discs. Otherwise, Numerous Problems.
If you use this player for *JUST* playing blu-rays/dvds and don't use the remote in the box, it's excellent. However, I made some wrong assumptions because of the price point and returned the unit because of them. 1. Does not have a Spotify app. The web browser cannot play from spotify's site either...
Cluster Node
3 years ago
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Thank you much /audiophile for all the tips and knowledge you guys share about speakers, cables, amps, and much more everyday it made picking the equipment for my first dedicated audio setup much easier then it should have been.
• Video Players and gaming devices: Panasonic UB820/Apple 4K. TV/Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch/PS4 Pro/Xbox One X/Xbox 360(I. use it to play guitars hero lol).
HDR10+, yay!
Like many, I bought a Sony UBP-X800 from the advice of a Best Buy worker along with my Samsung QLED having no idea about the HDR format war that was being waged between Dolby Vision and HDR10+, and how my Blu-ray player would never output the best picture possible for my TV thanks to it. After a yea...
Aaron Martin
3 years ago
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The Panasonic UB820 won’t show HDR or Dolby Vision either, the strange thing is whenever I exit a disc to go onto Home Screen, the HDR logo shows for a split second when loading the main menu back up then it’ll go off and stay off. It’s very frustrating, it’s like the TV won’t register 4K disc HDR/Dolby Vision. I have HDMI Deep Colour set to 4K.
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The Best Player on the Market.
This is by far the best player on the market for movies. It accurately maps colors. The HDR Optimizer allows you to perfectly dial in spectral detail so you don’t have over blown bright scenes or overly dark shadows. If you have a projector this is the only player you should consider buying. It is a...
Lawrence Family
3 years ago
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Sooo... Which 4k BlueRay player??
I would say panasonic UB820 is the golden sweet spot between high premium and works like a tank. I can't see one bad review of it that it was freezing or that it doesn't play properly and actually is deemed one of the best UHD disk players for accurate and correct video reproduction be it dolby vision, HDR or SDR.
1 year ago
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The best 4K Blu Ray Player on the market not named Oppo.
After searching and searching for a 4K Blu Player that is built great, has a timer on the front, has a great user interface, and all around great picture quality. I’m glad I found the Panasonic 820. LG and Sony 4K Blu Ray players just didn’t do it for me. They’re poorly made and have all kinds of fl...
3 years ago
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Basement home theater is up!
Denon 3700H. Panasonic UB820. Roku Ultra with Dolby Vision/Atmos. 7.1.2 surround.
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I'd buy it again, even with the bad remote.
Works well for the most part and the picture quality is superb. For playing regular and 4K Blu-rays this is a top notch player without having to pay top dollar. Does have its flaws though. The remote leaves a lot to be desired as it includes a slew of buttons I don't find a need for where useful one...
C. Monarrez
3 years ago
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Outstanding Video
The best 4k blu-ray player. Worthless streaming apps, so-so remote, ho-hum user interface and build quality, but this player is worth every penny for the HDR and SDR video quality and for exceptional HDR to SDR conversion. Video quality beats all previous players (including my Oppo 203) except for o...
C Jay
3 years ago
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