Numatic Henry Compact HVR160

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  • Great for hard floors
  • Good size and suction power
  • Suction is the best


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Terrific vacuum!
I researched the heck out of this purchase, I was trying to decide between a low end Miele and a SEBO, when I kept running into references to the Henry. It’s actually a light commercial vacuum that works well as a residential model. It could easily be a lifetime appliance. What I love about it: Trem...
7 months ago
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Henry 160 compact vacume
First impressions are good. Suction is good, pretty compact but not small, cord works well, its heavier then it looks but manageable, useful tools, and price wise I think it's worth it (paid$340 w/tax) although a lower price point would make it a much better buy. Tools friction fit together, hose is...
Peter S.
1 year ago
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broken and defective thanks amazon
Kenneth S.
1 year ago
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Powerful vacuum! Perfect for our needs!
I love it! Normally I do not like canister vacuums. But after watching YouTube videos on vacuums. I purchased this one and have No Regrets! Powerful. Having the bag is so much better then bag less! I bought a turbo head for carpet, which I would recommend. I have home with throw carpets wood & tile ...
4 months ago
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* Very long cable, can reach everywhere in my apartment without unplugging. * Very sturdy and easy to navigate - two small turning wheels in the front and two big ones (not turning) in the back. * I like all the attachments that come with the vacuum, esp.
Numatic Henry HVR-160 Compact USA Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review
Let's get into some final thoughts on Henry Compact in the Hbr 160 series In general, I think this is a great vacuum if you have hard floors, area rugs, and low pile carpet. Again, I'm not sure I'd recommend him for soft pile carpet because he is kind of hard to push, but if you ordered a Henry extra with the turbo brush, that would alleviate some of that so I couldn't rule him out in certain situations.
Performance Reviews
1 month ago
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- Only cordless stick vacuum that looked worth it. - High quality.
Happy Vacuum
Love this light and powerful vacuum cleaner. It is very easy to work with. Simple but efficient. Thanks Rod for suggesting this unit to me.
Maxie A on Jan 21
53 years ago
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Not sure if I really got a brand new vacuum
So far it is working okay but I have concerns if this is a brand new product or not. The box was definitely old, unsealed and in bad condition. And the wheels look like they have some wear already.
Victor Sotelo
2 years ago
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Is Henry Compact HVR 160-11 a good buy? |
Updated 09-02-2021 This is the perfect household vacuum in terms of performance and sturdiness. It is as not as bulky as the Henry HVR 200, but it has all the unit's great features. From a powerful motor and long reach, to onboard storage, rewind cable and incredible versatility, the Henry HVR160-11 has it all, aside from being smaller than most models
1 month ago
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