Nordica Santa Ana 104 Free

Nordica Santa Ana 104 Free

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Great for denser powder
Stable at high speeds on firm snow
Maneuverable in trees
Versatile for all mountain skiing
Stiff and holds shape well at speed and on ice
Not ideal for intermediate/advanced skiers who ski at moderate speeds
Just decent in powder/moguls
May not be the best fit for those looking for a more playful ski


The Nordica Santa Ana 104 Free is a versatile ski that is well-suited for denser powder and can power through it with its metal construction. It is stable at high speeds on firm snow and maneuverable in trees, with plenty of float for pow days. The ski is stiff and holds shape well at speed and on ice, with a bit of TT. It is recommended for expert/advanced skiers who are former racers or aggressive carvers in all conditions. The rocker-camber-rocker profile helps keep the ski up in powder, and the flared tip and tail also help when skiing backwards. It is suggested to demo skis to find the best fit for individual preferences.


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