Nordica Enforcer 93

Nordica Enforcer 93

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Great for carving and high speeds
Versatile and can handle a variety of conditions
Stable and easy to turn
Short turn radius
Handles well on hard snow and mixed/variable terrain
Not ideal for skiers without a lot of lower body strength
May not be the best choice for primarily skiing in powder
Demanding ski that requires some effort to turn and carve


Overall, the Nordica Enforcer 93 is a highly versatile ski that can handle a variety of conditions, but really shines at high speeds and on hard snow. It is a demanding ski that requires some lower body strength, but is still easy to turn and carve. It is recommended for skiers who are used to more traditional all-mountain skis but want something with a bit more freeride personality. The ski is available in various lengths, and it is important to choose the appropriate length based on one's height and weight. The Enforcer 93 is a great option for those skiing on the east coast or in areas with mixed/variable terrain, but may not be the best choice for those primarily skiing in powder.


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