Nikon D700

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  • Great for sports and wildlife
  • Excellent image quality
  • Good autofocus performance
  • Very good battery life
  • Price is a little high


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Avoid KEH if buying used.
I love this camera. It exceeds my expectations in picture quality and autofocus. However, KEH listed it in very good to excellent condition but the body I received from KEH is scratched, banged up a bit, faded, etc. I can see where the rubber has come off at some point and someone did a very poor jo...
Joshua Mirabal
5 years ago
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The King
Still my go to camera. Produces the best images to date in my opinion. Micro-contrast is what separates this from all others. You normally have to spend thousands of dollars to achieve similar results with any other camera. Neither the D810,D800, nor 750 can reproduce this. I don't understand why mo...
6 years ago
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New Life for Film Era Nikon Lenses
I bought this used on Amazon in pristine condition, which opened up a number of opportunities to use my Nikon lenses from the film days in the way they were intended. This is a boon for folks who gravitate to the wide-angle end of the lens spectrum. With lens factor no longer a consideration, wide-a...
fair review
9 years ago
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Camera was broken when I received it
This is the first time that I've ever written a really bad review. I received this camera and within the first two photos, the camera stopped working and a ERR message came up. I played with it a little, got it working and took another three photos before a heard a big clunk and the ERR message came...
Ann S. Wickerham
9 months ago
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Instant Classic
4/1/13 Update: It's been nearly a year and this camera has still met all my expectations. I've shot a variety of subjects from sports to studio to street and it's not let me down. Recently, I've done a car shoot and some night street photography during SXSW here in Austin with some amazing results. ...
R. Reed
10 years ago
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My soul mate.
I just got my new D700 yesterday. I have use a D40, D3000 & D90. I wanted the D700 for the low noise low light performance. I shoot events. I was trying to decide between the D700 and the D7000. I labored with my decision for months. I had always wanted the D700 but had begun considering the D7000 d...
10 years ago
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This review is directed to the serious or advanced amateur who may have sold an occasional shot or had work published in various media from time to time, but doesn't make a living from photography. I"ve been a Nikon user, both lenses and camera bodies, since 1954. Almost all of that time was spent w...
Thomas J. Tucker
12 years ago
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Versatile full frame DSLR camera for any light condition
Nikon D700 is the first and the only (up to now) compact full frame (FX) camera Nikon has to offers. It inherits many great features from Nikon pro-DSLR camera Nikon D3 and add some other useful features such as dust reduction and wireless flash commander. What is special about Nikon D700? Like its ...
Enche Tjin
13 years ago
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Still my go-to camera
When I purchased a Nikon D800, I was about to sell off my D700. I never did sell my D700 because it is still my preferred camera for walking around. (The D800 is really a camera that should be mounted on a tripod to get those hi-res sharp images). It's low-light performance is good and it has all th...
G. Ellisberg
8 years ago
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Good value!!
I have transitioned from the D50 to the D90 to the D300s and now to a used D700 (from Green Earth Values). i am always a bit behind the curve, not being an "Early Adopter." I am, at best, an avid amateur, so the latest and greatest is not necessarily an issue for me. I had gotten used to the dual ca...
pc reader
7 years ago
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Nikon D700 12.1MP FX-Format CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD



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