Nikon D70

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  • Great for beginners
  • Used from the early 2000's
  • Another vote
  • It came with everything listed, plus the battery charger and battery
  • Nikon's first full frame mirrorless cameras


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Work fine, took a bit to get it to work, apparently someone "exercised" the menu controls.
Used from the early 2000's. My second D70. The first I loved, my first digital camera, it got a lot of use. Those images even at only 6MP worked great for gallery shows and books. This used D70 was very sticky all over. I cleaned it with alcohol then a light coat of olive oil smoothed it right out. ...
Thomas E. Howell
3 years ago
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I don’t hear the difference
The D70 was subtly more detailed and clinical sounding. I slightly preferred the 6000N, but I would say it was 3% better if I was to pull a number out of my rear end.
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Great camera for the money
When my old Nikon N70 film camera died - for the second time - the digital age was upon us. Through the years my lenses and external flash laid in my old gadget bag doing nothing. And then I saw this D70, and I wondered. Will it work with my old lenses? So I ordered one at a fraction of the price fo...
Ray B
8 years ago
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The D70 seems long in the tooth to me personally with the lack of auto-focus zones and slow write speed to flash memory through quick consecutive shots. These days I'm a non-serious amateur photographer. Lots of focus on family, sporting events, portrait, and nature shooting. The most common lens I shoot on are the Nikkor 50mm 1.8f and 70-200mm 2.8f (mostly this guy).
More than I expected
This D70 was a steal, and was actually a lot more than I expected after reading the users description. It came with everything listed, plus the battery charger and battery. The only thing I needed to get was a card. The camera body itself was in excellent condition and may as well have been a refurb...
Sean Zujkowski
7 years ago
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Satisfied with Nikon D70
This was packed EXTRA SUPER GOOD!! It arrived just as promised. On time. In the shape described. I am completely satisfied with this camera body!!
1 year ago
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Help With Nikon D70
I'm not 100% sure, but I'm 99% sure the issue is the capacity. 32GB was a massive amount of data when the D70 came out. If your camera has an early firmware build, I wouldn't be surprised if it only supports 4 or 8GB cards. So my first thing would be try a smaller card, second is update to the latest firmware.
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Nikon D70
At the time the price was right for the D70 to be used as MY FIRST DSLR camera. It was used, but new to me. I have a cousin that had this camera for years and she raved about it when I mentioned wanting to learn I bought it. It helped that we had the same camera so when I called to ...
8 years ago
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Is it a bad idea to buy DX lenses over FX lenses for a DX camera?
The smartest advise I received was to purchase FX lenses when I purchased by D70 (a long time ago). I've upgraded bodies several times and never had to repurchase a lens for the newer bodies.
Good Deal, good product
Well packaged, in great shape, almost factory fresh. Battery was charged, put a memory card in it and a lens on it and started shooting. Would buy from them again.
William H. McKinley
2 years ago
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