Nikon D610

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  • Great for beginners
  • Lightweight body
  • Excellent image quality
  • Good battery life
  • Easy to use


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Top reviews

"Buy a Nikon D610"
Phenomenal camera... My last one was a D40x. This D610 feels like I just graduated. Much more capable, better functions, nicer controls, the list goes on. I'm glad I started with that D40x as an entry level to learn on, while not wasting actuations. Even more happy to have chosen this superb D610 as...
7 years ago
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Nikon D610 Review
The Nikon D610 is a solid camera for shooters who are looking to upgrade to a full-frame body.
Jim Fisher
3 months ago
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FE, F2, F801, D90, D610, D810 (and the F2, D610 and D810 are still in use here ;o). I bought Nikkor-Auto lenses, had them converted to AI, bought AF lenses, some AF-D, swung over to AF-S ... got rid of the AF-D and AF, replaced them with AF-S and .... I pass on the Zs. The future is mirrorless?
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Great Camera
This camera was a great buy and as an introduction to the FX world this is a great buy.
Wainwright Greenidge
2 years ago
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More complaints about my rated "Excellent" D600
Like other comments mentioned, it'an inbuilt flaw. They specifically released the D610 to correct the issue of the shutter/mirror assembly splattering oil. There are D600's out there that are fine, but it may not be worth the risk, even if the price is tempting. You've had it for a week, i think you're in the return time-window.
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I upgraded from a D5600 to a D7500. What a HUGE difference in quality!
all make photography easier under different conditions and dare I say, more enjoyable. I remember when I jumped from the D40 to the D90, it was a world of difference - access to CLS flash system, more megapickles, more dynamic range, access to AF-D autofocus (that was when there weren't many cheap AF-S lenses yet), better high ISO, etc. and at the time a lot people were telling me it wouldn't make any difference. The jump from the D90 to the D600/D610 was another huge leap and I still am happy and don't need the feel to upgrade.
Beautiful magical camera
Beautiful magical camera. I love it so much. The quality of my work has gone up so much since I started working with this new camera. It is sharp in quality and amazing with lighting. I could not recommend it more.
Pierre Weber
5 years ago
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The Nikon D610 is fast with generally excellent photo quality
Autofocus is still cumbersome and slow, though, and the LCD is really hard to view in direct sunlight, relatively inexpensive, smartly designed fast and with generally excellent photo quality. The Nikon d610 makes a compelling case for upgrading to a full-frame camera. I'M Laurie brunnen, and this is the nikon d610
3 months ago
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What is the best budget professional camera?
Especially important for event photography like weddings, concerts, corporate events, etc. where you only have one chance to capture a moment. * Overall the D610 gives you more room to "grow" since it was designed as a pro-level camera. As your skills grow, you can tap more into the camera's full capabilities without having to upgrade too soon.
Really impressed, coming from D7100
I was pretty happy with my DX-format D7100 (in the past I've also had a D7000, D90, D80, D70 and before that a Kodak 14N Nikon-mount full-frame camera) but had also looked forward to going back to full-frame when it became a little more affordable. Finally tried a "refurbished" D600 (before Nikon an...
8 years ago
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