Nikon D3200

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  • Great for beginners
  • Good for the price
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Small size is convenient
  • 24 megapixels is good enough


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The perfect camera!
After ALOT of research, I decided to purchase this camera as my first DSLR! Taking pictures is something I truly enjoy but I wanted to go beyond the regular digital cameras, and my iPhone. One of my biggest concerns was that my iPhone might take better pictures. Through my research I had read a lot ...
6 years ago
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With the Canon R5, the autofocus was way more reliable even though the maximum aperture for the 800mm was f/11. No cropping was used for the bird photos because the size in the frame was just right. With the Nikon D3200, I had to do trial and error with the exposure settings by taking the photo, reviewing it, then adjusting. With the electronic viewfinder on the Canon R5, I could get a preview of the exposure *before* the shot to reduce trial and error.
Best value right now.
I was looking at a Nikon D3100 until I saw the low pixel count. No way. For about the same price, I found the D3200 with Nikkor lens for less than $300, and in like new condition. I don't see any sense in paying several times the price for "new" tech when it is really not so new. This has a bigger s...
David Mosby
3 months ago
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How to get sharp stars? Im using Nikon D3200. 18mm f3.5, 1600ISO and the lens doesn't have an infinity indicator. I can't spot any stars using live view or the view finder.
I'm not sure if you can punch in to focus with the D3200, but you need to be in live view, zoom in on a specific star, and then manually focus until it's sharp. Manually focusing is tough with some AF lenses that have very short focus throws. Also, the D3200 doesn't have a very high-resolution screen - this is going to make it a little tougher to both find stars and to focus.
Review: Nikon D3200
Overall, the Nikon D3200 is an excellent DSLR and a considerable improvement over the already great D3100..
Austin Evans
3 months ago
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My first entry level SLR
I did a great deal of research before finally choosing the Nikon D3200. In addition to the megapixels, it had a few more improvements over the D3100, and I decided I was willing to shell out the extra dollars for the improvements. I've only had my camera for a month. I have no prior experience or kn...
9 years ago
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I love this camera
I love this camera. I do not know a ton about cameras, but for what I do know the specific settings are great for certain environments, and then the auto is wonderful for when you're not sure what to use. My biggest complaint about past cameras is how long it took between pressing the shutter button...
7 years ago
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Nikon D3200 Users Guide
You hear it beeping, what's going to happen at the very end, it's going to be quicker and the flashing lights going to you can see it you're ready and it takes the picture. So then we go back in there and you've got the delayed remote setting, quick response, remote and then quiet hears quiet mode. It turned off the beep, it's not very quiet, but that's quiet mode for you
Jared Polin
3 months ago
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Sony A7III - Upgrade my kit this year and couldn't be happier
I could have stuck with the Nikon D3200, but after 10 years of service with poor autofocus performance (all while using only the 18-55mm kit and a 35mm lens! ), the camera definitely needed to be replaced.
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New DSLR user
Recently purchased the D3200 as my first DLSR. This camera is easy to use and comes with good instructions. (Nikon has some great information for this camera online.) The auto selection works in most applications, but having the ability to switch to a particular picture mode gives you greater contro...
10 years ago
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Nikon D3200



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Compact SLR

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