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  • Great for 2-4 players
  • A game of deduction and intuition
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Engaging theme that makes you want to play again and again
  • Rules are easy enough to teach and play with your kids


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Mysterium - How to Play
Probably someone at your table is going to want to be the ghost after you've finished and you'll just play this game again and again, it is so Moorish and and and and better still, as Maday have announced an expansion coming out. So when you buy this game, it can be something that you play for years, because my expansion is having nothing more, but new cards for every deck enjoy your time with mysterium everybody. It's one of the greats
Shut Up & Sit Down
3 months ago
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10 Games That Hit Above Their Box Size (And Some Games that Don't)
Check out Mysterium: Park. It's the core game idea without the laborious setup in a codenames-sized box. Abyss's box is too big, but the game is fine.
What Did You Play This Week? - (August 30, 2021)
**Mysterium Park** (3p x1) - a recent hit. My partner and I usually play this just the two of us but have been able to play with more people recently and I do prefer it with more players. Although as the ghost it can be frustrating when one psychic has nailed what you were going for but then another psychic tries to talk them out of it! The table talk makes for a more interesting game but it's still great with two.
What Did You Play This Week? - (October 18, 2021)
**Mysterium Park**: Overall, it was fun, but I noticed a few things... For starters, it can be REALLY hard as the ghost to be able to see all those little cards. Especially when they're far away from you and they're facing the psychics. We got stuck on one suspect I (as the ghost) needed to get my wife to guess and I had the hardest time giving her clues b/c I couldn't make out all the little details on the card and I also didn't want to strain too hard to give it away which one I was looking at. The other thing is that I was wondering if the game scales well with a larger amount of players.
What Did You Play This Week? - (June 14, 2021)
Very difficult though. I was always intrigued by base **Mysterium** but don't tend to like owning many games that can't be played well at 2 since that's how I play most of the time so this piqued my interest when it was released last year. I think it works excellently with 2 (reminds me a bit of Codenames Duet gameplay-wise) but can't wait to try it with more people, I think the table talk will be highly amusing!.
What Did You Play This Week? - (August 23, 2021)
**Mysterium Park** really enjoyed this one. I've been trying to round out the family weight games in my collection and this looks like it'll be a nice one. I love showing off "dixit" cards to people and the 1 with All coop should make this one good to teach and will be a novel experience as a welcoming game. We lost our play but loved the conversation after the game about why the spirit (me) picked which cards for who.
Mysterium Review - with the Game Boy Geek
And if you get all three getting that final dream - and I know that gets played out very differently between the Ukrainian version and the Polish version - I tried them both. I actually like the Ukraine version better of that part when you do the end, but man what a game it could be played with families, it's very fun for gamers Wow Dixit meets clue. If some Metro, co-op amazing game, don't miss one
The Dice Tower
3 months ago
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Forgotten Favorites & Hidden Gems - (September 09, 2021)
I found myself playing Mysterium with friends and I remembered why I enjoyed it so much. Had lost it in the shelve and somehow remembered it as an OK game... Now I'm into it again
Positive Board Game Moments With Your Partner
I was browsing games and came across Mysterium Park. I showed my wife and she immediately said "I want to play! Get it!" She'll play games here and there, but it was the first time she was enthusiastic about it.
Anyone else miss Wil Wheaton's Table Top?
It’s what got us past department store games and more into hobby games. It’s the reason we purchased and love both Mysterium and Tiny Epic Galaxies. It was such a fun way to learn a game in a non-traditional play through format.
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