MoonDrop Blessing 2

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  • Great for me, but they are semi-custom designed
  • Overall a very beautiful IEM
  • They took a bit of getting used to but man they’re truly great
  • These deliver top off the line sound for a very reasonable price


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Analytical but missing some mid-bass weight
Fit: Great for me, but they are semi-custom designed. So it may not fit everyone's ears Design: Overall a very beautiful IEM. I appreciate the transparent material allowing you to see all the inner workings. At the same time, they used a brushed metal faceplate so it doesn't look like you're wearing...
Sam G
2 years ago
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Moondrop blessing 2: An all round excellent iem. The bass has enough impact, texture and presence to keep things interesting, but isn't intrusive at all.
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I finally escaped from midfi hell
Nothing comes across as tinny or too bright. Treble is nowhere near Grado levels. It's a very nice sounding pair of headphones.
Pure magic . Just try them
I’ve owned these for about a month, using them daily and I must say: WOW , these are something amazing . They took a bit of getting used to but man they’re truly great. I honestly prefer these over my HD660s , greatly . Anyways . Here’s the breakdown: - Bass - These are certainly not bass light, but...
2 years ago
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slightly less weeb-ish collection
The second headphone to truly wow me other than my etymotics. Everything just sounded so right and wide sounding with so much detail. I absolutely love these and don't see myself getting other headphones unless I am truly wowed with them.
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Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk: Questioning my full size over ear headphones now...
My Blessing 2 Dusks arrived, and I'm really happy with them. Ok so they're a pair of 4BA + 1DD IEMs, made by Moondrop and in collaboration with Crinacle, and sold for $320. My first thought putting these on is "I think these sound better than any headphones I've used at this same price point. Granted, they're IEMs, and some things about headphones still are hard to replicate...
Moondrop Blessing 2: My IEM endgame
Moondrop Blessing 2 with the iPod Shuffle 4th generation when I don't want to pick songs and just have my favorites play. I could also use Spotify for that but sometimes, I don't want to look at my phone. They're more detailed than the Starfield and I find it easier to separate instruments. The bass can be anemic when it comes to certain EDM songs (Evil Beauty by Blackmill, although that may just be my mind remembering the bassy 1MORE triple drivers) but for other songs, they're okay.
Ya’ll ruined me…. A Mini-Review for each of my many audio purchases:
Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk: My favourite closed back pair I’ve tried. They fit my ear incredibly well, and the sound signature is almost perfect imo.
A Subpar Review of an Excellent Product
This is going to be a quality of use review from the perspective of a few hour's use: Engraving - Picked engraving 5; fantastic detail. A little difficult to see until you get close but that's what I wanted for an engraving with intensely personal meaning for me. Sound - Great with my A&K SR25, but ...
2 years ago
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**Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk**. > Didn't have the low end I was looking for.




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