MoonDrop Aria

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  • Great for the price
  • Attractive but not overdone aesthetics
  • Neutral sound signature
  • Sound signature is mostly inoffensive as well
  • High pitched female vocals can come sometimes come off as ear grating


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Top reviews

It's a perfect gateway drug
I've been listening to headphones for a long time and have anlot of money into them but this isy first dip into IEM. These aren't balanced but they're fun. The bass is slightly raised but everything is clear and you'll still be able to pull your music appart and enjoy it how you'd like. These have a...
1 year ago
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For people having sound imbalances after the first 1-3 months of use, there's a fix!
A friend recommended me these earbuds because I was tired of headphones making my head hurt after prolonged usage and as my first IEM's I was pretty excited. On arrival packaging was great, earphones sounded amazing, and I'll never again have to deal with headphone hair. However, after about 3 month...
Alenz Dela Cuesta
2 months ago
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The 5 Best Earbuds And In-Ear Headphones - Spring 2022
If you're looking for audiophile-centric in-ears, the MOONDROP Aria are the best in-ear monitors (IEMs) that we've tested. These comfortable headphones have a detachable audio cable design, eliminating audio lag. Their neutral sound profile also has a touch of extra high-bass to add warmth to mixes,...
4 months ago
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What are your go-to earbuds or wireless less headphone while using Pixel 6
Before that I spent a couple years with the Soundcore Life P2 and I soundly recommend those as well for an ultra-cheap option. For wireless over ear headphones I have really enjoyed the Soundcore Life Q20. They work and sound good enough that I haven't yet felt any need to upgrade. When I'm sitting around the house I like using the Moondrop Aria with the Apple USB-C to 3.5mm adapter.
Current recommendation for under $100 Chi-fi IEMs,
Moondrop Aria has just been released at $80 with similar tuning to Starfield and in my opinion a nicer design. I only know this because of a post from Crinacle above, I don't have any special knowledge.
Yet Another Moondrop Aria Review
The bass from an explosion during BFV last night coming from a tank shell that hit the side of a building I was standing inside-of was so snappy and realistic that I shit you not I yelped out loud in surprise. I've had headphones and IEM's with more bass quantity, but never one that made me consistently expect to feel the thump in my chest from that snappiness. Super hard to explain, but I didn't expect a world of difference from the BLON and ZSX since those are both often held up as sort of redefining what you can expect from budget IEM's and how they punch so far above their weight, but so far the Moondrop Aria for me is just absolutely decimating the experiences I had from those other two. I was worried at first because I figured the sound sig of the BLON being warmer would be more attractive to someone like me (mild hearing loss in the bass and lower mids region which results in me needing to boost bass to hear what others perceive as flat), but these respond to EQ very well and the quality is just so much higher.
The 6 Best Wired Headphones - Spring 2022
The best wired earbuds that we've tested are the MOONDROP Aria. If you're looking for earbuds for music and prefer a wired design, these in-ear monitors (IEMs) offer a well-balanced sound suitable for a variety of genres. There's a bit of overemphasis in the bass range that adds warmth to your audio...
5 months ago
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Moondrop’s “WaifuPods” are $80 Giant Killers
It’s quite an impressive feat that the Chifi audio brand Moondrop has pulled off when creating their Aria’s. This is my first pair of IEM’s from them, and I have to say their quality is outstanding. Just to clarify, this is actually Moondrop’s Aria 2’s, an improvement upon their previous model of Ar...
THE Mr. Teriyaki Chicken
1 year ago
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Enjoy them more now: I had to break them in. Great sound for the money
Bottom line is that I like the sound, the fit is OK (a bit loose and doesn't seem to seal well with provided ear tips), and the sound out of the box sucked. The fit for me is better after replacing silicon ear tips with foam. The foam is a bit longer so they reach a bit further into my ears for a sn...
Nick H.
2 months ago
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Am begginer audiophile. Here's my collection! Feedback welcome.
If you want to upgrade your IEMs and enjoy the fairly neutral sound of the SHPs but with a bit more bass, I would suggest the Moondrop Aria for its overall build and sound given its price. I also had the ZSN Pros and I thought it sounded great already but when I upgraded to the Aria I found it way better and enjoyable!.




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