Montblanc Meisterstück 149

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  • Great for a large pen
  • Nib is very smooth
  • It rests comfortably in the hand with the cap either posted or unposted
  • Still Iconic after over 60 years
  • Burberry Trench Coat


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Montblanc 146 -149 Comparison - Photo Review
Yes. Ink View Window. Yes. Yes.
4 months ago
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Montblanc 149 vs. Jinhao 159: The comparison you didn't know you wanted.
Not a good thing but not a bad thing. At this price point I much prefer C/C rather than them attempting a cheap piston mechanism. # Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 - MSRP $925.00 USD.
1 year ago
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Donkey Howdy
4 years ago
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First Impressions: Montblanc 149 Fountain Pen — The Gentleman Stationer
The 149 is a luxury icon that represents the best of what Montblanc has to offer, if you can afford the steep price. Fortunately, Montblanc pens can be found on the secondary market, often in like new or barely used condition, for a significant discount, and I typically hunt for Montblancs at pen shows, in retailers’ “gently used” sections, or during Fountain Pen Day or “Black Friday” promotions. I placed an order for this pen during Fontoplumo’s Black Friday sales event, and while the pen took a while to arrive, I’m loving the purchase
Montblanc Serial Number Check | Identify Fakes By Database Lookup
Montblanc does not authorize their certified sellers to sell at discount prices on Amazon. However, even though the pen is authentic, it does come with Montblanc’s warranty (that is why the certificate of warranty isn’t stamped).
Is It Worth It? - Montblanc Meisterstuck Pen
My personal preferences aside, if you look at the value development of ballpoint pens and rollerballs, the fountain pen is always higher and appreciates more, therefore, I think the rollerball and ballpoints are not as worth it unless you really hate a fountain pen or you travel by plane a lot. For collecting purposes, the regular Meisterstuck series is not limited by any means and therefore, you only have a certain degree of appreciation over time, however, if you go with limited editions from Mont Blanc, you can look at those as an investment just like maybe art, musical instruments, or stocks. Today, Mont Blanc has lots of different limited editions; some are very high-priced, others are very low priced, but if you look at some of the very early editions such as the 1992 Ernest Hemingway pen, which was part of the writers edition and it was based on the 149 but it looked more like its predecessor the 139, it had a coral orange barrel with dark brown elements and today, if you want an unused version, you have to pay anywhere between three-three and a half to four thousand dollars
Should You Buy A Preowned Montblanc Pen? Top 5 Things To Look For
Here they will verify the serial number with their purchase records and in the case that you are without a certificate of authenticity, they will issue a new one upon authenticating the product. Buy from a Trustworthy Seller. Whether you are a fountain pen collector or a writer who enjoys using the best pens, Montblanc is known for its quality, globally
4 months ago
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I would have considered a MB149 2nd hand if the price was right or anyone had ever offered a decent example, but in the absence of that I am forced to go new. So, pros and cons to those on the list welcome (would be bought from a dealer that checks nibs, for those hating on Visconti! :) ).
7 months ago
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Superb Writing Instrument
The MB-149 is a beautiful pen, unusually comfortable in the hand for a large pen. It rests comfortably in the hand with the cap either posted or unposted. The nib is very smooth. The medium nib runs a bit wet, but not excessively so. It is pricey, but worth the splurge…probably.
5 months ago
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Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 Muster (Test) Fountain Pen with OBB Nib
Description Additional information The 149. Montblanc’s Flagship model. Still Iconic after over 60 years!
This particular 149 is a very unique one. From the 90s this pen came in a large Tester set that was not available for sale to the public. Its for MB boutique stores so you can could test the...


Cap can post


Cap Mechanism

Screw Cap


Packaged in a Gift Box


5.7" L x 0.6" D