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  • Great for adults
  • Short, easy, and fun
  • Gets super competitive too
  • Hasbro owns the game of monopoly
  • Monopoly Deal, rummy and cribbage were definitely the winners for sure


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What game starts off amazing but starts to fall off?
Fuckin Monopoly, man. Everyone starts out hopeful, eyeing those open properties. 3 hours later you hate everything.
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Great game to start childhood memories
I love Monopoly. Have very fond memories of playing this while growing up. When my boys were growing up we started Friday night game night. Monopoly was always our favorite. When I went to see my sons and granddaughter I ordered this to have for our visit. I started my granddaughter on Friday night ...
nancy bailey
1 year ago
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Why You Should NEVER Play MONOPOLY Again
I'D like to thank all of my opponents for being jolly good sports, but ask that you kiss my posterior mmm blob. A monopoly is known for being mean, but it isn't even good at that.
3 months ago
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The drama of trying to monopolize a certain item - a story for when you're bored
I bought 40 ish copies of sealed Monopoly Party for PS2 at $20 each (went to 6 or 7 different Fry's). Easy sell on ebay for $60 at the time. I cleared maybe 10 copies before someone else started listing at $40... luckily they didn't have much stock and back up to $60 it went. Had a few complaints about the price being $60, but still sold through the stock.
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This is the one to buy.
Haven't played Monopoly for decades. Wife and I played this game yesterday and had a blast. All pieces were there and as expected. Board folds once down the center just like the original. Don't buy cheaper version that folds in quarters, they never fold flat. This one does. I do wish it had the iron...
smart consumer
4 years ago
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What Did You Play This Week? - (August 30, 2021)
**Animal Crossing Monopoly** - 1x, 2p - i couldnt resist the branding on this one, but happily it turned out the gameplay isnt very monopoly-like at all! they could have very easily branded this "animal crossing: the board game" with very few changes. who knows why the monopoly name got attached...anyway, we enjoyed it and will definitely play again!.
Monopoly Plus Review
We are going to give Monopoly pause on ps4 an 8 out of 10. It's a fun game. You can pick it up really cheap anywhere, really PSN store xbox
3 months ago
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kids are happy with it
I wanted to get my grandchildren the classic Monopoly set. I saw reviews that said this wasn't totally the classic Monopoly. But I didn't mind if it wasn't 100% the same. It is definitely close. They are very happy with it, it seems sturdy. It arrived on time and in good condition. I only wish these...
1 year ago
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What Did You Play This Week? - (October 18, 2021)
I like it, but I might prefer the slightly more streamlined **Silver & Gold** for a fast Tetris-style flip and write, but my son is in love with this one. **B**. **Monopoly Deal Millionaire** (4p) - My six year old and my four year old can both play this one without too much hand holding, and it's pretty quick, so it's got that going for it.
Why I HATE Monopoly
This is a game that I have not liked for many many years. I'Ve recently retried it again just to be silly and fun and found the whole process lacking. It is not a good game in my opinion, and I don't like it if you do that's fantastic, but if you feel like me, you're, like Tom, there seems like there should be better games out there
The Dice Tower
3 months ago
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