Microsoft Intellimouse

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  • Great for productivity and gaming
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Grippy rubberized sides
  • Two side buttons on the left
  • Single RGB zone in a strip along the bottom at the rear


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The best mouse that was.
The best mouse I ever had the pleasure to lay my hands on. Therefore, as I understand, it is not made anymore. Leave it to Microsoft to do something right for a change. Really, the optical sensor works flawlessly on my generic mouse pad; and the right mouse thumb button is perfectly located, has a g...
Wolfgang Wiebach
7 years ago
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Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse
The Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse is a good FPS gaming mouse based on Microsoft's original IntelliMouse. It feels well-built and retains the classic ergonomic shape of the original. It also has grippy rubberized sides, two side buttons on the left, and a single RGB zone in a strip along the bottom at the rear
Olivier Martin
4 months ago
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Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse Review
Mobile mice are never going to be as comfortable as mice designed to stay on your desk at all times. But the stylish Surface Mobile Mouse manages to combine space savings and comfort in a unique way, while also promising long battery life and peerlessly easy wireless setup. It’s our top pick for wireless mobile mice
Tom Brant
4 months ago
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Microsoft Pro Intellimouse Review. I feel nothing
I will say that, but this there's absolutely nothing special about this mouse, at least like in the modern market, but yeah that's going to be all make sure to leave a like and sub peace.
4 months ago
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The survivors (out of the 32 different mice I've tried this year)
feel better than stock, not as good as I can accept while chopping out bits of the mouse all around it. Some weight reduction will happen, but never in areas that risk damaging what makes this mouse good. **Microsoft Pro Intellimouse** (bought on sale from Amazon for $35).
1 year ago
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Good Mouse for Large Hands
I bought this mouse because I was tiring of wireless mice that kept going on the fritz and needing new batteries. I was looking specifically for a wired mouse with five buttons. Pros: this mouse is HIGHLY programmable, with a very impressive list of actions that you can assign to each button. It is ...
H. Stevens
11 years ago
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Unparalleled Perfect Mouse
I bought my first Intellimouse in 2007 and it's the mouse that I still use and recommend to everyone. I've had a chance to try out different mouses, including newer Microsoft mouses such asMicrosoft Comfort Mouse 4500 - Lochness Gray . Some are good, but not as good as this Intellimouse. As unlikely...
Alexander Van Berg
9 years ago
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A welcome step up from my Logitech Optical
I've purchased a Microsoft Intellimouse Optical before, so I went into this installation already being familiar and comfortable with the four button plus scroll wheel that I'm already using on my other computer. I made the initial mistake of plugging in the mouse before installing the software and e...
Countess Chocula
13 years ago
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A Microsoft product even a Mac user could love
I purchased a Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical to replace the Apple Pro Mouse on my PowerMac G4. As much as I liked the Pro Mouse's aesthetics, it was beginning to annoy me in use. The biggest problem I had was it's slow tracking - especially for an optical mouse. If moved at all quickly across the mo...
21 years ago
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Durable mouse
Going from a 800 dpi death adder to a 200 dpi intellimouse was quite the transition. It took me a long time to adjust back to this old school mouse. However I think it's worth it because I've been more accurate in the games that I've played. I feel like a god when I play CSS or CSGO. If you have the...
8 years ago
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