Maruman Mnemosyne

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  • Great for fountain pen users
  • Durable and well made
  • Perforated pages for easy removal of individual sheets
  • Laminate cover with spiral binding
  • Highly recommended


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Introducing Maruman Mnemosyne Notebooks — The Gentleman Stationer
All grid notebooks are landscape style (see bottom). For paper of this quality, Mnemosyne Notebooks are attractively priced, with A5 sizes at $8-9 and A4 sizes at $15.
Recently I've been using the Maruman Mnemosyne A4 at home, I really really enjoy the paper, too bad it doesnt come with a thicker cover and stiching. I've also been enjoying the Midori MD notebooks, they look and feel amazing but they wont really hold up unless you get the plastic cover (ugly) or the leather cover (expensive and a bit too much).
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Maruman Mnemosyne N195 Spiral Notebook Review — The Pen Addict
The N195 is just under $10 at JetPens, which is a great value for this exceptional little notebook. (JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes. )
3 months ago
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Maruman Mnemosyne Notebook Review
Conclusion. Testing out the Maruman Mnemosyne notebooks and notepad was a little anticlimactic. While it is nice paper, it’s not very exciting to write on (for me, at least)
3 months ago
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Japanese office/stationery products are infinitely better than their North American counterparts
I have no idea why, but Japanese office/stationery products are infinitely better than their North American counterparts. The difference in quality is just palpable – they're visually appealing, built to last, and thoughtfully designed. I prefer spiral notebooks to anything with a binding, and this ...
Katie B.
6 years ago
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Tomoegawa has officially sold Tomoe River
For anyone else out there apprehensive about finding a new favorite paper, I've found solace in Maruman brand Mnemosyne notebooks ($20/ea size A4) and in their budget spiral notes ($6-9/ea).
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Hands down best everyday notebook you can buy
I'm weirdly particular about which notebooks I like. After experimenting with dozens of others (including moleskine, Amazon Basics, etc.) I can easily say this is the best I've ever used. Here are the little features that separate it from the rest: 1. Paper quality. Fantastic to write on and double ...
Amazon Customer
2 years ago
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Landscape orientation is a winner for lefties!
Very unique item from Japan that popped up on my Amazon search for a medium sized notebook for work meetings that would be easy to use for a left-hander. I'm surprised no one else has thought to use a landscape orientation instead of the traditional portrait orientation that leaves a binder in the w...
5 years ago
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What’s everyone’s favorite paper?mine is 52gsm tomoe river. 📓
I love the maruman mnemosyne notebooks. No bleeding, minimal ghosting, and a perfect balance of showing off sheen/shading while still letting ink dry in a reasonable amount of time. There’s also a great variety of notebook sizes, layouts, and line/grid/etc options.
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I love these and will not use any other notebook.
Am I obsessed? No. Do I pay a bit more attention to these than most people? Yes. I found these in a little store many years ago and find them exceptional. The paper is high quality, smooth and easy to write on. They are very well made, bound, and packaged so they are perfect and ready to use when yo...
4 years ago
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