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Moleskine Classic Hard Cover

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  • Great for archiving your writings
  • Durable pages
  • Premium quality
  • Comes with a pamphlet on the history of Moleskine journals
  • Looks professional


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Great for journal or long-term writing
Holds up well, even under stressful travel and backpacking. This is my go-to for archiving my writings for years to come. The quality is premium and the pages feel durable. I've never had any issues except if I've spilled water myself which paper and water don't mix! Overall solid and I'll purchase ...
2 years ago
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This is what to expect after 912 days of hard use!
I have used this notebook as my daily work log for exactly 2.5 years. I'm a courier and work out of my delivery van, 6 days a week. The notebook is beat to heck. Everything about it is worn out, ripped, or flat out broken. But I am actually content with how well this notebook held up. Keep in mind, ...
Mike Ruimerman
3 years ago
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Moleskine Classic Hardcover Notebook Review
I don't really have any complaints with what I'm seeing here. It looks pretty good. Yeah, so now in terms of the binding is not bad
Blake's Broadcast
3 months ago
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Great size and takes a beating
I always need to carry a notebook for work. I use the Classic Hard Cover Notebook to carry in my work backpack for use on calls, or in meetings. They look professional and can take a beating being carried around. One notebook often lasts me a year.
3 years ago
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Prime-looking with meh paper, look elsewhere
Recently, I've moved to a job where the details matter, and I want to look more professional. That means the notebooks should look nice (sorry Composition notebooks) and the pens should be better (you've been great Bic's). That's why I decided to try the Moleskine notebook. It's a prime-looking note...
4 years ago
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Love these! Very durable!
I’ve owned a few Moleskine notebooks of various sizes and covers from soft to hard. Unfortunately, I misplaced my last one during our move to our first home purchase. I purchased this to replace that one, I absolutely love the consistent quality, durability, and simplicity of these. And I love that ...
Works for me
I use these books for travel journals. I can keep up with schedules, events, happy times, things I saw, people I met, money I spent, etc. everything that happens on the trip does in and I have it all together. I can look things up or relive the memories in past books. Enough pages and thick enough t...
3 months ago
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Best note keepers!
My husband keeps these as a running diary and note taker to help him stay on top of things. Wouldn't use anything else!
2 years ago
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The best notebooks money can buy
I admit, I at first fanboyed over these because I read that Hemingway swore by Moleskine notebooks. I don’t know if that claim is true or not, but it was enough to get me to try them out years ago. I’m glad I did. I’ve owned at least 50 Moleskine notebooks in various forms; some pocket sized noteboo...
Bruce West
2 years ago
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Finally purchased!
My husband has always likes moleskins notebooks and Office Depot always has them in-stock when I visit the store. Decided to purchase this smaller one for him so he can take it on the go for work. He absolutely loved the size. Compact enough to carry around but also spacious enough for all of his no...
4 months ago
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27 Feb 2019