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  • Great for families
  • Easy to teach and play
  • Interesting decisions
  • Misprint in one card
  • Re-implementation of the original game


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SungWon Cho (ProZD)'s 10 Classic Board Games That Suck (And 10 to Replace Them)
Monopoly -> Machi Koro / Space Base. 5.
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Great But Card MixUp an Issue
Mainly knocking off stars for the misprint. Only one card in the deck had a misprint where a set had the airport on one side and the amusement park on the other, making these two goal cards useless mainly. It was only for the day be set so we can play up to four easily but non-noobs for a 5 player g...
3 years ago
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Machi Koro Legacy Game Review – Meeple Mountain
Ultimately, Machi Koro Legacy is built on the shaky foundation that more is always better. It’s a victim of its own urban sprawl, a Potemkin village full of bright and beautiful ideas with little substance or follow-through backing them. Can you have fun with it? Absolutely!
3 months ago
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Whats the worst board game you've ever played and why?
Machi Koro. I bought it based on the art/theme, tried it three or four times, and gave it away. I really wanted to burn it in a fire so no one else would have to suffer through that game, but it has a fan base apparently.
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Machi Koro Review
Final Score: 3.5 Stars – A light game that’s very accessible, but feels almost like it’s missing something until you get the Harbor expansion. Hits:
3 months ago
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Machi Koro Review - The Tabletop Family
Overall, this is a casual family game. It’s meant to be fun and not taken too seriously, so lean into the luck element and you should have a good time. Machi Koro is a fun, casual game
Machi Koro Review - The Thoughtful Gamer
But it’s over all too soon and the end game is sudden and unexciting for everyone except the winner. That said, the art is very nice, and for those kinds of gamers who just want to roll some dice, relax, and not think very hard, Machi Koro might be worth picking up. The game flows quickly, and it always feels nice to roll some dice and collect money for half an hour
What game were you turned off of by just one detail, theme or gameplay-mechanic?
Machi Koro was a lot of fun, until we figured out that “upgrading” to a second die is actually a giant disadvantage.
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Machi Koro: Bright Lights, Big City adds a lot more variety to an already fun game - The Board Game Family
Machi Koro: Bright Lights, Big City hits the sweet spot in the family board game market with its balance of fun, lucky dice rolling odds with a bit of light strategy. So many good choices, it’s sometimes hard to decide which to buy. Why do we like Machi Koro: Bright Lights, Big City more than the original?
Is Monopoly Going Euro on Us?
And while I'm not surprised that they haven't changed their core formula, I'm more interested in what modern game design mechanics can bring to this franchise. A good example of this is Machi Koro, which has a good feel of monopoly (minus monopolies) in a much smaller package.
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