Logitech G413

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LOOK: Logitech G512 key cap “teeth” stuck!
Smashed and threw away my G413 because of these stuck keycap studs (which were causing me to double-click keys unintentionally). Extremely annoying with no easy fix. Go with CherryMX, or similar, switches and don't ever look back. Logitech keyboards, especially the Romer-G lineup, are the worst!.
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Logitech G413
The Logitech G413 is a very straightforward mechanical keyboard. It features tactile Romer-G switches that have a very smooth bump and offer a good overall typing experience.
Shaqil Hossain
4 months ago
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Everything’s great, apart from the typing feel
This is a mechanical keyboard that’s stripped back to its essentials and sold at an affordable price. There’s no hot-swappable switches, no detachable cable, and no RGB lighting. There’s just one switch option, one backlight color, and a reasonable $69
Jon Porter
4 months ago
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Logitech G413 Carbon Review
That makes it our Editors' Choice for budget gaming keyboards.
Joel Santo Domingo
4 months ago
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I finally received it back, and it worked fine for 4 months this time, and now it's unusable again. It's not even in warranty anymore and even if it was I'm out of patience. I can't keep giving away such an expensive keyboard for months at an end only to have it develop the same problem again and again. I used to be an all-logitech person with the G102, G633s and G413 but am slowly moving away.
Logitech the best company! I having G810 keyboard and when I was cleaning it, I've cracked few keycaps, because put them in to warm water. After that I contacted with support, told them this story and look what I got! Totally free, didn't even payed for delivery from other country.
Nice! I dropped my phone once on my G413 and broke a key. I emailed Logitech and told them exactly what happened, and they sent me a brand new keyboard!! I couldn’t believe it.
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Simple and SOLID! Logitech G413 SE review
Another big thing to note here is that the g413se doesn't support logitech's g-hub software for customization, so for those that, like a simple board, without the need to have another program running, that might be a good thing, but on the flip side, no software also means that There's no deeper customization for lighting and no ability to create custom macros either so overall, just wrapping up here while it lacks some of the features of the previous generation. The logitech g413se still has a solid, robust, build for the reasonable price of eighty dollars for the full size and seventy dollars for the smaller tkl, though, at those full prices, it's not hard to justify spending a little bit more money on something with some more features. Like logitech's own g512, but if a simple, solid, bare bones gaming keyboard is what you're after then, in my opinion, the logitech g413se definitely delivers
4 months ago
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* My G413 keyboard keys painting are disapearing (after 6 month of use). For all of these issue (except the keyboard) I tried to join the logitech support, and it was a nightmare :.
The 6 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $100 - Spring 2022
If you want to get a mechanical keyboard, but don't want to spend a fortune, the best budget mechanical gaming keyboard that we've tested is the Logitech G413. It's surprisingly well-built with a solid plastic frame and brushed aluminum top plate that doesn't flex.
6 months ago
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Great Keyboard
Overall this is an awesome keyboard. Not as fantastic and wonderful as the most high end keyboards, but I like this better than my Corsair K70 Lux. ==== Pros ==== - It's sleek and compact which I enjoy (I'm not a fan of the big, bulky keyboards). - The lighting is great (steady, true to color) - The...
Stephen Porter
5 years ago
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