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  • Great for everyday smooth writing
  • Always starts
  • Smooth nib
  • Looks great yet can fit in an office/meeting environment
  • Excels at classroom note taking


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Lamy Vista Fountain Pen Review — A Better Desk
I have to admit that this is my first pen review, but I'm in love with the Lamy Vista. It was difficult to choose between a Lamy and the Pilot Metropolitan, but the unique look and excellent grip pushed me over the edge.
4 months ago
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So I'm working a temporary job on my first day and a co-worker stopped by my desk with a visitor. I jotted down a phone number she needed and then she borrowed my Lamy Vista with my consent to add some other information AND THEN SHE HANDED IT TO THE VISITOR who didn't quite hold it correctly then SHOOK IT to get the ink flowing which caused him to get ink on his hand (Lamy Blue, btw). Luckily he didn't damage the pen or get ink on anything irreparable but he copped an attitude like it was the pen's fault that he didn't know how to use it. There were plenty of employer-provided ballpoint and gel pens in my desk drawer, but I didn't have any of them out because I don't like them.
1 year ago
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Lamy Vista Fountain Pen - F Nib — The Clicky Post
With the Vista I'm so glad that Lamy makes such a great product in their Safari line as it has worked like a charm since the beginning. I'm not really sure what made me buy the Vista instead of one of the brighter Lamy colors or even the more conservative black or blue models. Maybe it was just the most interesting to me at the time in that price range so I went for it
4 months ago
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Lamy Vista Ballpoint Review — The Pen Addict
Overall, the Lamy Vista is a stylish ballpoint pen that I’ve really enjoyed using.
4 months ago
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Wish I bought a Safari/Vista earlier
Great everyday smooth writing pen. Always starts and I was very surprised how smooth the nib was. I think it outperforms a lot of more expensive pens and the clear body looks great yet can fit in an office/meeting environment.
Scott F.
5 months ago
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Wow, the amount of detail and precision you can get is amazing. I know to those who own a loupe this is a no brainer, but to any collector, hobbyist, writer, enjoyer, or tinker-er it is a powerful tool to turn a mediocre pen into a stellar writer. I had pens which I had no idea were misaligned set back to the way they should and can actually feel a difference (particularly a Lamy Vista and Jinhao x450).
1 year ago
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Authentic Lamy Vista, Fine NIB, BLUE Lamy ink cartridge - very reliable
Authentic Lamy Vista, Fine NIB, BLUE Lamy ink cartridge. Excels at classroom note taking; writes smoothly on lesser quality papers, like copier paper in the workplace, albeit with some feathering; is "toothy" on Fountain Pen friendly papers. Do not mistake this dragging-NIB feeling for "scratchiness...
Wally Johnn
3 years ago
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The Clear Choice
Wanted to try a broad nib on a modestly priced pen. I could have ordered a Lamy broad nib and put it on one of the pens I already owned. However, I didn’t have a Vista and when I saw I could order one with the broad nib—a no-brainer. As a left-hander, writing with the broad nib is a pure joy.
Mark K.
7 months ago
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NPD! (and my first gold nib)
Got into this hobby about 2 months ago and only have 3 other pens: a Kaweco Sport (iridescent pearl - B), a Lamy Vista (M), and a Pilot Parallel (2.4 mm) for fun. This is my first pricier pen purchase and I couldn't be happier! Writes so smoothly, the gold has a lovely bit of bounce, and the bit of pencil-like feedback is delightful (I heard about that characteristic of sailor nibs prior to purchasing and, thankfully, enjoy it). No one I know in real life cares about fountain pens so I thought I'd share my joy with some internet strangers who understand!
6 months ago
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Okay pen, but a design flaw gets ink on your fingers after a while
For the most part, this is a really great pen. I got the Safari Vista (clear). It looks nice and it's a good everyday pen. I like the fact that it's not too fancy. The plastic construction keeps it from scratching the phone in my pocket and the rounded edges on the metal clip help too. The converter...
Amazon Customer
4 years ago
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