Lamy Joy

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  • Great for calligraphy
  • Plastic modern twist on a classic desktop pen design
  • 1.1 mm is too small to notice any thick/thin variation
  • Nib is sized for letter writing and note taking
  • Ink window only shows the top 10% of the ink cavity


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There is nothing bad about any Lamy Safari
As many do, I find the pen well balanced to use for sketching. There is nothing bad about any Lamy Safari, AI or Joy. They are quality, low priced pens that won't make you cry if they get lost.
6 years ago
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Truly a joy to write with!
I learned to write calligraphy with chisel tipped pens, so this was a wonderful find. The Lamy Joy Calligraphy pen with 1.1 mm stub brings me back to the time when I was first learning calligraphy. It's a smooth writing experience with no hiccups, bumps, burps. The pen is so smooth, the only thing s...
I. Reyes
1 year ago
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Lamy Joy 1.1 mm Calligraphy Fountain Pen: A Review — The Pen Addict
Cons. I honestly think the Lamy Joy is overpriced at $28.00
4 months ago
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I found this tribe only after my first fountain pen purchase (Lamy Joy italic, Fall 2019) in an airport in Germany, fueled only by jet lag and the need for some self love. In love with this pen I looked for others who shared this love and discovered a whole world of delight.
1 year ago
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Lamy Joy AL Calligraphy Pen
I like purple ink so I plugged a violet into the pen, and it was good to go. Ready, plug, go! Having an ergonomic design on the section, it is very easy to grip and write with the Lamy pen – provided you have a proper grip and not a weird one like me.
4 months ago
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As a baker with ADHD & anxiety, wedding cakes are my worst enemy.
If “Sunshine” and “Joy” were a literal cake. :) Fabulously executed! The ADHD loves derailing ambitious, important projects like this but you said NOT TODAY and then made this stunning creation. Inspiring!
My favorite Lamy so far
This was my second Lamy purchase. First was a fountain pen, med. nib. This is a "wow" pen for me. I thoroughly enjoy writing with the calligraphy nib. It is not so broad as to make the lines so wide as they look like calligraphy drawings but wide enough that it gives style to the lines and curlycues...
P Thompson
1 year ago
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A delightful calligraphy pen for those starting out
This and the 1.5mm pen are fantastic pieces to get into writing and calligraphy with fountain pens. Durable, reasonably priced, and a simple yet ergonomic design make it a breeze to write with, whether you're re-learning penmanship or just fiddling around with new lettering with an italic nib.
Glenn Dubois
3 months ago
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Unique appearance. Won't fit standard shirt pocket...too long.
I liked the appearance of the pen. It sits in a pen box with other various collected pens and not in my shirt pocket. The nib is sized for letter writing and note taking, though you will need to be deliberate in forming uniform script, stopping and starting to allow the ink flow to keep pace. Maybe ...
3 years ago
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I love the look of it posted, but it throws my handwriting off because of the extra weight on the end. My Lamy Joy and Safari are super light at about 11g each (I bought them for this reason) but the shafts are still quite thick; even with the ergonomic grip they aren't super comfortable for pages of writing. My favourite non-fountain pen is the Pilot G-Tec-C4m which is both very thin and very light. I'd love to have a fountain pen that is "just right" for me.
1 year ago
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Lamy Joy Al Calligraphy Set Blue

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