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  • Great for lefties
  • Very functional
  • Straight lines
  • Classic design
  • Durable and reliable


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Minimalist perfection
A masterpiece of minimalist design, capped or uncapped. Thinner than most fountain pens – it's only a little thicker than the average pencil – it's a sleek, perfectly tuned writing machine.
Paul H.
3 years ago
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It's cumbersome to do so with a fat, heavy pen in my small (apparently quite weak) hand. I love the thinness of my Lamy CP1, but it's a bit heavy even at just 17g. I love the look of it posted, but it throws my handwriting off because of the extra weight on the end. My Lamy Joy and Safari are super light at about 11g each (I bought them for this reason) but the shafts are still quite thick; even with the ergonomic grip they aren't super comfortable for pages of writing.
10 months ago
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Lamy CP1 & Pilot Iroshizuku Ink — Minimally Minimal
The CP1 is also more comfortable than I had imagined and disappears in your hand despite the significant weight.
2 months ago
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Lamy cp1 Fountain Pen - 1.1 Stub Nib — The Clicky Post
I think the cp1 is a bargain and has modern design that is on its way to withstanding the tests of time. The MSRP on it is $70, but most places it is around $50-60 depending on where you find it. JetPens has it for $58 which seems very reasonable and supports a great outfit
2 months ago
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Lamy CP1 Fountain Pen Review - The Pen Company Blog
But nothing is what it seems; the 2000 was designed years before the CP1 first went into production. It’s hard to write a review about pretty much any Lamy pen without using the word ‘Bauhaus’. Which is a good thing, in a way, because that’s what Lamy really stands for
2 months ago
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The Middle Child: Lamy’s CP1 Matte Black Fountain Pen
I’m happy to report that the fine nib on this pen is wonderfully smooth and very juicy. Really perfect.
Lamy CP1: Quick Look
With it’s straight lines and functional design, the LAMY CP1 is a workhorse pen that many of the Goulet team use as their daily writer. Personally, it’s a little thin for me but I definitely see the appeal! I’d recommend this as a really good second or third pen.
2 months ago
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Perfect fountain pen for a planner.
This pen fits perfectly in a leather planner’s pen slot which is designed for slim fountain pens. It writes in true excellent LAMY fashion.
Daniel R.
4 months ago
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Video-Review: Lamy cp1 - Scrively - note taking & writing
On the product end, to long time readers of Scrively it is no secret that the Lamy 2000 is my all time favourite fountain pen (and I don’t think this will ever change) – so I am particularly happy to have now finally gotten around to a review of the Lamy cp1. Why? The Lamy cp1 stems from the sketching pencil of no other than Gerd A. Müller, who also has designed the Lamy 2000 (and the Lamy st)
2 months ago
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A really great pen for soecific needs
If you are looking for a first fountain pen, this is not it. Lamy EF nibs can be scratchy, the z26 converter is included but sucks hard (it just feels insanely cheap compared to the z24) but other than that, this pen has a lot going for it. If you have tiny hands, it's a brilliantly balanced pen. Th...
Colin M.
5 years ago
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