Lamy Aion

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  • Great for lefties
  • Metal body is durable and the anodized finish is beautiful
  • Nibs are flexible and smooth
  • Comes with a converter, which makes it easy to use on the go
  • Pen is very comfortable to use


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Comfortable, thick grip, and writes like a dream.
Got this as a medical school graduation gift, it's the second pen I've bought from Lamy. The first pen was a Lamy Safari, but this one is a complete and total upgrade in every way. The quality feels much more durable, the nib is more flexible and it writes just as smoothly despite having a finer mor...
Yegor Rowan
1 year ago
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Pen Review: Lamy Aion — The Gentleman Stationer
To summarize: I'm not a huge fan of the Aion, but its brutally minimal aesthetic appeals to a lot of people out there. Personally, I think the pen looks unfinished and doesn't feel as high quality as other Lamy pens, especially at this price point. The nib on the Aion, however, is an excellent writer, so there shouldn't be any concerns that you won't get a functioning pen out of the purchase
I like the look of the Lamy Aion, but the cap rattles. I like the look of the Lamy Studio, but the clip scratches the pen and the finishing gets damaged when you post the cap. I like the design of the Karas Kustom V2, but you can’t post the cap. I like the general look of the Faber-Castell Loom, but not the smooth and glossy grip.
8 months ago
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Big Boy/Girl/Human Pens-What qualifies in your opinion?
For me it's that next level pen, the one that you choose based on how you've learned what you like and dislike, and what your usage case is. A pen that you've spent time researching, maybe even tried before you dive in yourself. Generally slightly more expensive and durable, or just more practical. For me it was a Lamy Aion.
1 year ago
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Lamy Aion Fountain Pen Review — The Pen Addict
The main novelty of this pen is the nib. Lamy are famous for their uniform nibs, using for most of their pens (except for the 2000 line). The nib on the Aion is somewhat different: it is more round on the tines, and while you can replace it with any other standard Lamy nib (if you want to upgrade to gold nibs, or if you prefer calligraphy nibs), the use of this new design is a statement
4 months ago
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What do you think of the new Lamy Ideos?
Meh.... polite pass. The Aion looks to have a similar nib.
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A few early thoughts on the Lamy aion fountain pen.
If your skin is dry then this pen is hard to hold steady. It feels a bit like the inside of a Teflon saucepan. But when your skin has a slight amount of moisture, (and it only needs a very little to make all the difference) then the pen can be held steady and writes like a dream
4 months ago
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What pen gave you the most buyer's remorse? The least?
Pens that I have out-grown: Lamy Vista, Lamy Al-Star, Lamy Aion, Pilot Metropolitan, Pilot Kakuno, Jinhao 159, Nemosine Singularity, BirminghamPens (metal with #5 nibs), Jinhao X750. The Lamy Studio is right on the edge, hanging by a thread, because the nib is not crisp enough, now that I prefer Cursive Italic nibs.
1 year ago
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Lamy Aion Fountain Pen Review
Conclusion:. Overall, I’m a big fan of the Aion. It’s different enough from the rest of Lamy’s pens to stand out – to me at least
4 months ago
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The super, normal Lamy Aion
But the Aion is better. For someone like me, who has fantasies about wearing only monochrome unbranded clothing and living out of a single bag in a Japanese cyberpunk capsule hotel, this pen is a perfect expression of the ethos. It feels miles better in the hand than a Safari or Al-Star
4 months ago
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