Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX

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  • Great for music
  • Sound quality is excellent
  • Bluetooth is always on and open with no pass code


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I am really surprised at how great this 2.1 set sounds!
I had a basic set of 2.1 speakers for a decade and they were unremarkable but sufficient for what I was doing. Over two years ago, I started playing bass guitar, and I do a lot of my practicing and playing via Rocksmith 2014 Remastered on Steam on my PC. Bass, and especially the instrument, is trick...
25 days ago
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"This is best sound I have ever heard....EVER!"
Just received it and in 15 minutes it was connected to our cheap laptop that connects wirelessly to Pandora.com for 12 hours a day. As soon as I powered it on, our living room was filled with vibrant and delicious sound. My wife (of 52 years) looked at me and said "This is best sound I have ever hea...
5 years ago
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Excellent Sounding System for Computer
These speakers are great for those who are looking for power and quality out of their computer speakers. You will not be disappointed about how loud these speakers play AAA games or music. If you had tall boxier speakers prior to switching like I did, you will notice that the main two speakers have ...
Ryan degnan
22 days ago
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The mancave is finally comin' together!
Klipsch ProMedia speakers... awesome sound!
Logitech Z623 vs Klipsch Promedia 2.1 - Which To Pick? [Guide]
When it comes to most computer-related products newer is better – exponentially, incomparably better. However, if there’s one peripheral that seems to avoid this trend altogether it has to be the speakers. Unless you’re looking for a model equipped with some slick RGB lighting to complement your gam...
The Worst Customer Support
I bought this sound system and had it delivered on 10/5/2019. In mid-February, 2020, the subwoofer began cutting in and out. Soon, it just stopped working completely. Could not get Klipsch to answer my phone calls and could not get them to answer my emails. Called Asurion (I bought their protection ...
3 years ago
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Bass: Great. Speakers: VERY directional
I'll start with the fact that I'm not a hardcore home audiophile. But I'm a professional musician familiar with how EQ [frequency EQualization] and a speaker's directional focus impacts how we hear things. If you're looking for the big boom, this is a great setup for the cost. It will definitely get...
1 month ago
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Not the Klipsch I once knew!
I have used Klipsch audio since I was first introduced to them in radio in 1988. Great sound, abused the heck out of what ever monitors we had and they just kept going! One pair was in the station from 1988, when I started till 2014, when the station closed! I have also had Klipsch in my home set up...
Mister Nobody
4 years ago
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Real speakers from a real speaker company.
Klipsch is a real speaker company that invented Klipschorns, Heresy, and many classic audio speaker designs. Because of (or in spite of) that, these speakers can give your computer or small system some amazing sound. WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT THESE SPEAKERS? It's all about sound quality. It's not about...
Wes Burgess
7 months ago
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My work from home setup, still need to hide the ugly wires.
Updoot for the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1's. Undoubtedly best budget PC speakers for miles in all directions. No competition comes close for that price. And to think they came out a decade ago.


Enclosure Design

Sealed, bass reflex

Enclosure Material

MDF, ABS plastic