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  • Great for the whole family
  • Simple and easy to teach
  • Layers of strategy
  • Excellent components
  • Short play time


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Hits the sweet spot between Kingdomino and Five Tribes
Based on the complexity of some of his other games (Shadows Over Camelot, Five Tribes, Yamatai), I can't help but think that Queendomino was what designer Bruno Cathala originally had in mind prior to releasing the stripped-down tile placement game Kingdomino. While Kingdomino will remain popular du...
N. Christensen
5 years ago
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What is your best used board-game find?
I found kingdomino still in shrink at goodwill for 2 dollars and I’ve played it over 30 times. It’s definitely my best dollar to play ratio.
1 year ago
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Simple to learn game that will force difficult decisions as you learn the mechanics
TL;DR - Easy to learn, layers of strategy, excellent components, short play time, excellent replay value, perfect filler game between epic sessions for the heavy complexity gamers. Grab two! Kingdomino is a really entertaining light filler game that deservingly won the 2017 Spiel des Jahres award gi...
Donovan L.
5 years ago
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Favourite Polyomino/"Shape Tile Laying" Game?
7/10. 7. Kingdomino/Queendomino - We wouldn’t necessarily group this with the others since the shapes are all 2x1 domino like pieces.
1 year ago
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Easy to learn, short playtime, good for kids and adults.
Really simple to learn, quick to play and has a nice balance of strategy and luck. Our 5 year old loves board games and this one is great because, while it is competitive, it isn't harshly so. I usually find co-op games more rewarding to play with him because competitive games can get a little borin...
5 years ago
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Approachable, Affordable, Adorable
There is great strategy in this little game. It plays quickly and is very easy to grasp, but the decision space is a good size. Kingdomino has elements of a larger, meatier game, but boiled down into a streamlined process. Turn order changes as you take stronger/weaker tiles, you can read your oppon...
5 years ago
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I wrote an article on the best board games to play with very young (pre-reading age!) kids that won't make you, a big kid, want to absolutely end everything
This also provides an excellent handicap, as my 4 year old usually wins a game of kingdomino where I have to fit my kingdom into a 5x5 and she doesn't. There are of course many other straight up kids games that my daughter loves to play, but these are some of the more 'older kid' games that she can play with the occasional rule change.
QAQC the product.
The gameplay is easy to learn and has fun strategy. The manufacturer may have some QC issues. The stickers on the domino's were pealing off before we played the first game. See image.
Jimmy Crack Corn
5 years ago
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Blue Orange Games does it again! Kingdomino is a terrific adaptation of classic dominoes. It has a ton of replay value and a surprising amount of strategy. It also achieves the rare feat of being equally fun as a 2-, 3-, or 4-player game. I love it and my family does, too! The concept is simple. Lay...
Neal C.
5 years ago
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Should we let our children win when playing a board game?
I ended up winning by 1 point. I think Kingdomino is kind of a masterpiece of game design as it's simple enough to be played (and won) by a kid yet stays interesting enough for an adult. It contains all of the above elements in a way since you don't know what pieces will come out, the other players can collude (and you can help them collude) to deny you pieces you'd want, and kids are well able to understand how to put together same tiles and crowns for points.
1 year ago
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