Keeley Compressor Plus

Keeley Compressor Plus

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Great versatility and compatibility with various guitars and amps
Clean blend option and tone knob for added control
Expander circuit for perfect note endings
JFET compression for high-quality sound
Well-regarded brand with a history of making great compressors
Not recommended for use with bass guitars
Some users have reported issues with noise
Some users have reported a lack of sustain


The Keeley Compressor Plus is a versatile and highly regarded compressor pedal that offers a range of features, including a JFET compression and an expander circuit that works to increase gain proportionally with note decay. The pedal is well-suited for use with a variety of guitars and amps, and offers a clean blend option and a tone knob to reintroduce high-end sparkle. However, some users have reported issues with noise and a lack of sustain, and it should be noted that the pedal is not recommended for use with bass guitars. Overall, the Keeley Compressor Plus is a solid choice for guitarists looking for a reliable and flexible compressor pedal.


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