Karcher CV300

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  • Great for hardwood floors
  • Powerful suction
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Lightweight design
  • Durable construction


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Great suction power. Superb for carpeted areas
Spent a good amount of time on the web looking at reviews before deciding to buy this vacuum cleaner. I have used Bissel and Kenmore before this one and certainly Karcher has a lot more suction power. This model is geared towards carpeted places and you can buy a separate attachment for hardwood. It...
Engr CS
7 months ago
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Purchase Advice
The Karcher CV300 is the one I would guess you are considering for that price point. The CV300 does not have a switch to stop the brush on the power nozzle, so a hard floor tool would need to be purchased. With the hard floor tool, it would do great on your hard floors. Though it may push your budget some, it is an extremely nice vacuum cleaner.
2 years ago
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Need Vacuum for long hair on carpet
The brushroll hasn't gotten wrapped up with fur, but if it does it takes all of 2 seconds to pop it out, no screwdriver required. It has HEPA and carbon filters built in, and the bags are about $1 each on Amazon. Suction is good, and you have the option to run it in "Quiet" mode although even on full power it's quieter than my previous vacuum. I've also heard good things about the Karcher CV300 ($400) but not sure how they stack up.
2 years ago
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Why are canister models so popular?
* Lindhaus F5 Class A ($330): Bare floor only. * Karcher CV300 ($340+$60): Bare floor tool purchased separately. * SEBO Felix ($650): Bare floor tool included. * Lindhaus Healthcare Pro: Bare floor tool included, depending on where you buy it.
1 year ago
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Cv300 is a Sebo Dart
This vacuum is a sebo dart with a different label , longer cord, and no accessories. It's marketed for commercial carpet cleaning instead of home use under a different brand label, Karcher. You can save some money by purchasing a cv 300 instead of a dart and buy the attachments separately from sebo....
Steve S
1 year ago
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Airflow Box Tests: Karcher CV300/Sebo Felix
But yeah, I am very happy with this machine. I Suppose anyone looking for a high end upgrade would also be just as happy.
1 month ago
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Need new vacuum
Since your house is mostly carpet, I think an upright with a manual height adjustment would be the best for for your situation. My suggestion would be the SEBO Dart ($500), or the stripped down Karcher CV300 variant ($340) (check the sticky comment for a chart with the differences). The brushroll on those is designed to pop out in less than 10 seconds for really fast cleaning, and the whole design makes clog removal very easy. You might also look into something like a SEBO 300 Mechanical or Lindhaus Activa if you'd prefer a traditional upright, but these two are gonna be less common.
Affordable, long-lasting, easy to maintain vacuum
The Karcher CV300 is a good vacuum but I feel it lacks a few features to make it well rounded. The Karcher's Brushroll turns off when it's locked upright but you can't turn it off for hard floors and it doesn't come with any tools.
9 months ago
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The three vacuums I always wanted as a young vacuum collector are finally in my collection! + mini-reviews on each (Miele S7 Tango, Riccar Radiance, SEBO Felix)
I've always had a soft spot for the Fun Felix on appearances alone, though even the cheapo Karcher CV300 is rock solid like you said. And honestly, I'm glad more people are seeing the Miele S7's and U1's for what they really are nowadays. Perhaps they're like the iPod Nano of premium vacuums: sleek and attractive on the outside, but overly-complicated on the inside, and ultimately outclassed by "less-refined" models from even the same company.
Overwhelmed with options - need advice
It's a simple machine, but it includes a good hard floor tool. You could also get a $340 Karcher CV300 or $500 SEBO Dart and add on SEBO's $60 Parquet Tool. Most uprights won't clean hard floors as well as a canister since the brushroll gets in the way of the airpath (even when the brushroll is shutoff), but these three use a canister-like floor tool for better performance and maneuverability.




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