iRobot Braava Jet m6

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  • Great for pet hair
  • Works well on hardwood floors
  • Does not miss anything
  • Mapping function is amazing
  • Long battery life


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Please do NOT buy before reading this - NOT READY FOR PUBLIC
The media could not be loaded. The m6 robot is filled with bugs and issues and is basically a beta release. Below is the short list. Problem #1: Doesn’t go over small thresholds (see video). Inability to go over thresholds is known problem according to iRobot support. iRobot support said the m6 can’...
3 years ago
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Good for routine maintenance, but not hands-off like the Roomba.
The Braava M series robots are okay. Not great, but also not terrible. The good, it handles routine mopping. This thing will NOT do any kind of deep cleaning. In other words, you still will want to do "manual" mopping yourself every once in a while where you can really use some elbow grease to get t...
Daniel Hazelbaker
3 months ago
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Braava Jet - wasted opportunity?
My best guess would be that iRobot assumed from the sales figures of those two as well as the Braava jet 240, what people prioritized - and that would be easy maintenance and reliability, which the m6 does reasonably well, in my opinion. Working with a pad gives a "good enough" cleaning experience for most people (most people would probably use a pad for manual cleaning too and not a steam cleaner etc.)
2 years ago
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iRobot Braava Jet m6 Review
That makes the Braava Jet m6 the most advanced robot mop you can buy, as well as our Editors' Choice..The iRobot Braava Jet m6 is a powerful, pricey robot that sweeps and mops your floors until they shine
Brenda Stolyar
7 months ago
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I figured a hack to allow the braava jet m6 to travel over 7MM thresholds. Cover the front 2 cliff sensors with a white background while leaving the back 2 uncovered Not see through. I can finally get it to go in my sons bedroom and the bathroom, laundry room without getting the error “Path Blocked” It took me forever to figure it out! Now it goes to areas without hesitation.
2 years ago
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Tire marks. Tire marks everywhere....
Love my Roomba. Had high hopes for the Braava m6. Unfortunately, this leaves tire tracks EVERYWHERE. I have a combination of dark hardwood flooring and lighter colored tile. The tire marks are very obvious on the darker floor. It makes the floor look horrible. I used the recommended amount of Braava...
3 years ago
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This is for the black version of this robot-mop bust amazon has disabled reviews for that one to just "verified purchases", which I DID but still not letting me review on there, but it's working on RETURNED product. I'm guessing besides color there's no real difference with the product. Okay. We got...
1 month ago
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I spent a week using a robot mop—here's what happened
As the lab manager at Reviewed, I have been one of the first people to return to the office since COVID-19 restrictions sent the staff to work from home. It was eerie walking through a place that is always so vibrant and now devoid of people. Imagine: wilted Valentine’s Day flowers, a broken air con...
Today I got a message in my cell app prpposing to add clean zones. After I did add some, my M6 started having the bug that throws a white light, and then a red light. If you set it to mop, it will start for 10 to 15 seconds and then it will stop.
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While there are some people who don't mind the manual labor that cleaning your home entails, many others would rather automate those tasks with smart appliances that do all the work for you. But nowadays, you aren't limited to cleaning your floors with robot vacuums that suck up dust and dry debris....




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