Hudson Electronics Broadcast

Hudson Electronics Broadcast

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Great sound quality and unique character
Versatile, can function as a clean boost or gritty drive
Dual footswitch version adds extra functionality
Well-regarded by many guitarists
High-quality construction and materials
Not affordable for all budgets
May not be suitable for guitarists looking for a more traditional overdrive sound
Not everyone may find the sound to their liking


The Hudson Electronics Broadcast is a unique and high-quality overdrive pedal that is well-regarded by many guitarists. It is praised for its distinct sound, versatility, and ability to function as a clean boost or gritty drive. While it may be on the expensive side, many users feel that it is worth the investment. The dual footswitch version is particularly popular for its added functionality. Overall, the Hudson Electronics Broadcast is a highly recommended overdrive pedal for guitarists looking for a unique and high-quality sound.


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