Hoka Carbon X2

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  • Great for heel strikers
  • Lightweight, stiff and stable shoe with minimal upper
  • Perfect fit
  • Very good shoes
  • Where once bike brands focused their


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Hoka One One’s Carbon X 2 Is Comfier—and More Inclusive—Than Its Predecessor
But the X 2 was the wiser choice. The shoe surprisingly worked in my favor because of its comfort and stiffness. When I ran the Boston Marathon virtually last fall in the Pros, by mile 20 the top of my right foot was sore from pressure, the shoe’s upper too narrow, the lacing too tight
4 months ago
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My current rotation, in order from least to most mileage.
The outsoles are in great shape, as is the upper minus that fact that they look super grungy from running in the wet. These may be the shoes that have served me the best - either these or the Rincon 1. I'll buy more for sure.
Shoes Arrived Used
Yesterday i went to my local store to purchase some carbon x2s but they didn't have my size so i had to order them online. The shoes I received were used and not lightly used either.. At first i thought the soles were just a bit dirty from someone trying them on in the store and walking around a bit...
7 months ago
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Hoka One One Carbon X2 run shoe review
Cue this second-edition of Hoka’s Carbon X, which faces carbon competition from the likes of Adidas, Brooks and the giants who re-started this carbon craze, Nike (Reebok and Zoot were both experimenting with carbon soles in the 1990s and 2000s, respectively). How much is performance-based versus sellable-based is hard to quantify short of a lab, especially in the X2 as the carbon plate is sandwiched between a soft-foam insole and rubberised-foam outsole that results in a foundation that’s 32mm at the heel and 27mm in the forefoot (it’s 30mm heel, 25mm forefoot in the women’s version). The result is a carbon plate that’s arguably consumed by foam, meaning it lacks the explosive propulsion of, say, Nike’s ground-breaking Alphafly
4 months ago
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Endorphin Pro 255 Miles
They may be my all-time favorite running shoes so far. I just PRed in the HM last week wearing my blue pair - no issues whatsoever.
Great shoes.
Very good shoes. Weigh almost nothing. Not cushy, but very good support. I don’t run, but if I did, these would be fast.
Dennis L. Prewett
7 months ago
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Finally a Hoka pair that fits my foot!
Lightweight, stiff and stable shoe with minimal upper. Plenty of cushion but it didn't feel spongy. Looking forward to running longer distances in these. I typically can't wear Hoka's because I have a wider forefoot and they tend to run small, but these were an exception. They fit well and didn't gi...
6 months ago
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HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X 2 Review - Running Northwest
With the Carbon X 2, HOKA has truly delivered on a really strong plated offering more for the average runners.
4 months ago
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Sub 90-minute 1/2 marathon
I ran my first HM this fall, and wore the Hoka Carbon X2 “super shoes.”. I went sub 90-minutes, and I ran in the shoes 1-2 times a week ~6 weeks out from race day, including a long run.
Hoka One One Carbon X2 | Blister
Gordon Gianniny in the Hoka One One Carbon X2, Logan, UTBottom LineAfter my first 50 miles in the Hoka One One Carbon X2, I get what all the carbon-fiber-plate hype is about.
4 months ago
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