Greenroom136 Metromonger

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  • Great for carrying a laptop
  • Looks great
  • Durable materials
  • Lots of pockets and compartments
  • Comfortable strap


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Greenroom136 Metromonger: Review - The Perfect Pack
Often I have to look in multiple places to locate some of the accessory items Wrap Up I held on for a long time not wanting to order a bag all the way from Malaysia, and I was wrong to do so. This bag is well designed, well executed, and the shipping was fast. They are also very responsive on Facebook when I had questions
2 months ago
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Greenroom136 Metromonger Review — RMK Outdoors
The bag is a complete package of a small EDC using dream. The bag carries my work tablet the Samsung S7+ with ease and all of my other small EDC tools with the perfect amount of organzation.
2 months ago
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Greenroom 136 Metromonger Sling - Matterful
Tech looks. Epic innovation.
Intelligent Design.
All Time Fav.
Tight tech daily driver
Tech Rambler
Dad Bag Epic™
Rugged. Techy.
Slimline. Classic.
Organic. Organized.
Tight. Sleek. Capable. (vid)
Spendy. Literally excellent.
Grown Up. Organized.
2 months ago
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Greenroom136 Metromonger Prime Review | CARRY BETTER
All in all, the Metromonger has an outstanding build and the choice of materials is excellent but does come with a tradeoff – the Metromonger is not the lightest 10L bag out there.
2 months ago
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Looking for recommendations: Sling bag with heavy load that does NOT hurt shoulders
Greenroom136 Metromonger is 10L, has camera inserts and a beefy strap.
Which Sling Do You Use?
- Greenroom136 Metromonger Prime : used when I need serious water resistance, or have a lot to carry (diaper bag duty, food pickup, sometimes my little dog, lol). Don't like GR's strap solutions, so I use a simple Topo padded shoulder strap instead.