Aer City Sling

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  • Great for carrying a laptop, tablet, and other essentials
  • Outer pocket is large enough to fit a water bottle
  • Bag is durable and well-made
  • Strap is comfortable to carry
  • Multiple color options


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Aer City Sling 2 Review | Pack Hacker
Aer City Sling 2 | Aer dished out meaningful changes with this version. Our biggest takeaway from the City Sling 2 is how well Aer addressed all of the cons of the original City Sling. It wears comfortably, the zippers aren’t jingly, and the elastic strap keepers are a welcome addition
2 months ago
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- Aer City Sling 2 (I liked the look, but it was a little bulky and the fidlock buckle was so sharp it kept scratching my neck whenever I’d take the sling off). I’m basically looking for something that’s compact and lightweight [that’ll store mostly flat so it can fit into my travel backpack with minimal bulk] that wont draw too much attention [i.e., no flashy colors] when I travel and walk around a new city.
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Aer City Sling (x-pac)
The Aer City Sling is a bag that I’ve had on my radar for a bit. I currently have the Day Sling 2 in x-pac and also the Black Ember TKS. When I saw the City Sling release in x-pac material though, I new I had to go for it. Initial impressions are that it’s a very compact and organized.
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\- AER City Sling - looks to be about the right size for what I'm looking for... \- AER Day Sling 2 - might be too big but has more organization than my DSPTCH slings. \- Code of Bell X-Pod - probably too big but looks like it compresses nicely.
I bought the first generation AER City Sling about 6 or 7 months ago now (off this sub, shout-out to y'all) and I've been absolutely loving it. I've been using it as a "just going out for a few hours" type of bag and it's been excellent for that.
Best sling?
Size, storage or organization, how well the bag sits, material choices, and design. For smaller slings you have the Aer city sling 2 and the Aer Day Sling 3, both fantastic choices.
I love this bag!
I love this bag!
3 months ago
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Not so great when I have a smaller load, as the inside is kinda just a big bucket. Love it when I need it, but kinda hate fishing stuff out of it when I don’t have a lot. I also have the Aer City Sling 2 (which I also love!) that’s great when I only need a couple things or wanna take my camera out with a couple extra rolls of film and that’s it.
Sleek designed sling bag as tech pouch/clutch bag
Aer city sling 2. Slim, well-designed, and straps tuck in when not in use. It's a little pricey, but hits the mark.
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Small Sling Recommendations
I have the Aer City Sling and I like it a lot.
I can fit a (filled) 500ml collapsible water bottle in the outer pocket, plus phone, wallet, keys, and misc. Also a Nintendo Switch fits perfectly in the main pocket.
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