Gerber Gear Dime

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  • Great for everyday use
  • Pliers are spring loaded
  • Tweezer is useless
  • Finish is poor and it started peeling almost immediately
  • Lanyard ring is not a tool


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M / 25 / Stay-at-Home Dad
Man's ready for when his toaster turns out to be a Deception. Gerber Dime is a great little tool though, saved me a bunch of times.
10 months ago
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Gerber junk
I purchased the Gerber Dime about eight months ago from my local Bass Pro. I have had several Leatherman and Gerber multi-tools that were good quality, but the Gerber Dime should be called the Gerber garbage. The finish is very poor and it started peeling almost immediately. The scissors worked poor...
7 years ago
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Great Handy Everyday Tool
I bought the Dime to upgrade from a multitool keychain knife. I need and use scissors for crafts and various needs. I wanted the pliers, finding the Dime very secure as the tool clicks into place; the grip on camping ropes, paracord, package zip-ties and small hardware pieces is very adept. The smal...
7 years ago
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Overwhelming Favorite
I've owned quite a few 'pocket multi-tools' over the years (thank you TSA:)) and this has very quickly become my overwhelming favorite.
The Gerber Dime is truly 'pocket-sized.' this is huge for me as I work a white-collar position and wear slacks daily. Although smaller, it does not relinquish usef...
9 years ago
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Handy Keyring Tool
I was a bit wary of buying this mini multi-tool, as I already have a few Leathermans and high expectations. The little Dime is a great set of tools that fits on a keyring for every day use and are nearly always at hand. It’s well made, the jaws on the pliers align perfectly and all up I’m very happy...
9 months ago
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Latest carries - NYC - stay strapped always
Doesn’t NYC have strict rules on knives as well? IIRC the blade needs to be under 3” and can’t have certain opening mechanisms, and even then a cop can just take it if they really want to. Last time I went to the city I chose to leave my usual knife at home to be on the safe side. I did take a Gerber Dime with me, but that’s nowhere near the same.
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Don't waste your money! - Much worse than I expected
I'm surprised this tool gets so many favorable reviews. The quality and fit and finish feels like something you'd find on a no-name tool at a gas station or auto parts store. The stamped metal for the tools is poorly finished and has sharp edges where they shouldn't be. The action of the pivots is s...
5 years ago
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Handy gadget to keep in a pocket
I’ve carried a Gerber Dime multitool for 15 years or so— I’m on my third or fourth, and have given them to friends as well. I get the most use out of the mini-box cutter and the bottle opener (which probably says something about my life— I open packages and bottles more than I use pliers or screwdri...
12 days ago
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Great tool for your buck
After long consideration and struggle to pick this gerber dime or a leather man squirt. I opted for the gerber and let me say it was a great decision. The bottle opener is already open so you only pick it up and open the bottle. The tool that I use the most is the scissors it’s sharp ! The package o...
5 months ago
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Lots of tools!
The tools are great, but a little stiff to open and close.
2 years ago
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