Garrard 301

Garrard 301

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Great sound quality
Durable and long-lasting
Can be customized with a good plinth and tonearm
Very highly regarded by audiophiles
Not cheap
Requires a good plinth and tonearm to perform well
Considered a vintage turntable, which may not appeal to all users


The Garrard 301 turntable is highly regarded by many audiophiles, but it requires a good plinth and tonearm to perform well. It is considered a vintage turntable and can be expensive. Some users prefer other vintage turntables, such as 70's Pioneer TT, for their solid build quality and ease of maintenance. However, many users still consider the Garrard 301 to be one of the best turntables available. Some users have customized their Garrard 301 with a custom plinth and SME or Jelco arm with a fancy MC cart. Overall, the Garrard 301 is a highly sought-after turntable for its sound quality and durability.


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