Garmin Venu 1

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  • Great for fitness tracking
  • Good battery life
  • Stylish design
  • Music control feature is a nice touch
  • Notifications are not customizable


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Perfect combo of smart watch and running watch
I bought this because I thought I needed an upgrade from my garmin forerunner 230. This version is fashionable and looks smaller on my wrist, which is one thing I was hoping for. Another thing I was VERY interested in was the music feature. I've used the music feature for races and it worked flawles...
Amanda Schumacher
3 years ago
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GPS accuracy comparison of a Garmin Venu Sq (left) versus an Apple Watch Series 6 (right)
I have a Garmin Venu and my GF has an Apple Watch - we used to do these comparisons all the time and this is in line. The Garmin map actually shows where we would criss-cross on the street - the apple watch doesn't have that level of precision.
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Also no walkie talkie option. * You see your texts come through on the watch, but you can't really go back and access them on the watch. (personally, these are all features I didn't use on my AW anyway, so I didn't is in my pocket anyway 90+% of the time). Ultimately, I am very happy with this watch, and am glad I switched over from the AW that barely got me through 1 full day of use.
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A great fitness watch!
This is my first garmin. I have previously owned fitbits and a samsung gear fit2. I dont usually post reviews but I researched alot to decide on buying this watch so figured I read reviews so much and it helped me so why not do it to help someone eles possibly. I have only had the watch on for the l...
3 years ago
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Overthinking my Garmin upgrade...and the line between enough stats and too many?
I upgraded from a Venu 1 to a Fenix 6 Sapphire and the stats are a little much. At first it was cool and it was motivating me to do more. Now I'm tired of seeing "unproductive" for my training load.
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A great fitness-focused smartwatch, but the price is steep
I've been using fitness trackers for several years now, starting with the Fitbit Flex, then the Microsoft Band, Microsoft Band 2, Fitbit Ionic, and now the Garmin Venu. I always gravitate more towards fitness-focused devices as opposed to app-focused "smartwatches" like the Apple Watch or Samsung Ga...
3 years ago
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What smartwatch are you using with your pixel?
Garmin Venu. Garmins are great activity trackers that also do some smartwatch stuff OK. But that's alright for me, I want strong activity tracking. YMMV
It Knew I was Sick Before I Did!!
I got this to monitor heart rate, breathing, and pulse ox and it did not disappoint. At first I thought the sensors were broken because my vitals were all over the place. I'd be sitting on the couch and my heart rate would jump from 60 to 110 with me not moving a muscle. The pulse ox showed low 80s,...
1 year ago
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Fitbit unable to sync with phone! Anyone else had this issue?
Go buy a Garmin Venu (the premium version) and throw the Fitbit in a box for 4 months. It will begin to work again after 4 months, with no issues pairing. At least that's why my mother now has a free Fitbit Versa.
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Inaccurate heart rate
Beautiful watch; however the wrist heart rate is way off which makes several of the other stats irrelevant. This is very disappointing for a very expensive watch.
Amazon Customer
3 years ago
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