Garmin Lily

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  • Great for women
  • Small and fashionable
  • Easy to set up
  • Provides health tracking features
  • Safety feature is fantastic


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Garmin Lily Review
 .The Lily is a strong alternative to the $349.99 Vivoactive 4, an Editors' Choice award winner that offers a similarly stylish design but with more robust fitness and smartwatch capabilities, including a color touch screen, built-in GPS, additional activity tracking options, preinstalled workouts with form animations, onboard music storage, and mobile payments support
Angela Moscaritolo
7 months ago
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Garmin Lily review: One of the best smartwatches designed for women
But Lily does support Garmin's LiveTrack, which lets you send your location during a workout to specific contacts in case of an emergency..This watch feels more like a sophisticated fitness tracker than a fully fledged smartwatch
Lexy Savvides
7 months ago
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Edited to add: the safety feature is fantastic! I can tap several times and it will send information to my emergency contact (up to 3 contacts) with my location. That's slick and makes me feel even more secure. This is a fantastic tracker/smart watch for small wrists. It's marketed for exactly that....
2 years ago
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Iris vs. Lily58 Pro vs. other for complete beginner?
The current rev4 Iris boards are pretty much preassembled, so all you have to do is solder on switches and you're done, whereas the Lily comes as a bare board, and you're attaching everything, and if you opt for RGB, you're gonna burn some LEDs before you get it right. That said, if you skip the RGB, the Lily58 can be done totally through-hole, and other than the pro-micros and OLEDs if you go that route, it's all passive components that are pretty difficult to destroy.
Garmin Lily Fitness Smartwatch Review // Fitness + Style
So you could be wearing this watch throughout the day and it'll still track your heart rate, your steps, your calories, all that good stuff, and then you can switch out just to your sport watch just for your workouts and all that information will be collected in the Garmin connect smartphone app, but overall i like what garmin's done with the lily.
7 months ago
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Perfect size
The Garmin Lily fits my needs perfectly. It is a small fashionable watch that gives me the information I want. As a walker/hiker who does Yoga, I have simplified needs. I want heart rate, sleep tracking, active minutes and text/call notifications from my phone. I do not need built in GPS, music, or ...
J. Bell
2 years ago
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Moonlander One Month Review
I'm about 2 weeks in on mine, but it's my 2nd split (my first was a lily58 I put together from a kit). The switches are a breeze to swap with a switch puller, I've already swapped out the box whites for lubed/filmed glorious pandas and swapped in a MT3 susuwatari keycap set.
Great watch
I love the watch but I only get 2 1/2 to 3 days out of a charge and purchased it expecting closer to 5. It's my first smart watch and I love it except for the battery issue. I'm slightly disappointed *UPDATE* I've had this watch barely a month and the battery last less than 12 hours. I can charge it...
2 years ago
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Its good for what it is
I am a woman with very small wrists. I had been using the Forerunner for years with no issues, except it was huge. I almost felt like it was suffocating me. I used it for everything...treadmill running, outdoor running, steps, sleep, etc. I was pretty much addicted to it. I had been looking for a sm...
2 years ago
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What is the smartwatch for my girlfriend
Just bought my GF the Garmin Lily. She's not super active so it's perfect for her (no GPS without phone) as a smart watch that can track activities if she wants. Size is perfect. And battery lasts about 3 days with pulse ox on and regular use.
1 year ago
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1.36 x 1.36 x 0.4 inches

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5 days

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