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  • Great for single player
  • Classic CGE release Galaxy Trucker gets a fresh coat of paint for 2021
  • An expansion for the recently release Galaxy Trucker, titled Keep On


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Galaxy Trucker: Keep On Trucking expansion will release at Gen Con 2022
You can read more below:. Keep on trucking with this new expansion for the relaunched version of Galaxy Trucker. With new ship classes, new adventure cards, more ship-building components, Rough Roads cards, and new aliens with unique abilities, your flight through the stars becomes more chaotic and more fun!
3 months ago
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"Vlaada Chvatil" - my favorite boardgame
My favorite game is definitely **GALAXY TRUCKER**. I know this game has a lot of flaws, and it doesn't come out very often. But it is unlike any other game, and it gives me great pleasure to share it each time. I remember memorable games, ships that split in two, crews that disappear, ships that only arrive safely with a crew cell and a small cannon.
They don't stack nicely on shelves, and just waste space. What's the point of a box being something like 27cm x 20cm (ex. Galaxy Trucker) instead of the regular 30cm x 30cm, when it's gonna take up the same slot as a regular box game. It started bothering me to that extent, that I started buying only standard box sized games.
Galaxy Trucker Game Review – Meeple Mountain
An Acquired Taste. If it isn’t already clear, Galaxy Trucker is not for everyone.
3 months ago
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What popular game do you not see the appeal of?
Galaxy trucker...I know this is going to be controversial and I feel like it's very close to something...but it's just too convoluted. Maybe it's just because each time I've played I've also done the teach and the rules are atrocious or possibly because it needs to be more streamlined and be redone to lean into the beat parts of it.
Heavy Gamers, what is your favourite lighter games?
I also like **Galaxy Trucker** for this reason but this has been easier to get others to play recently. **Seal Team Flix** because it's an interesting dexterity game. **Modern Art**, **Ra**, **QE**, **The Estates** or really any auction game. You really need to anticipate how much things are worth as well as their worth to others.
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Galaxy Trucker Review -
Not so with Galaxy Trucker. We find that there are too many minutiae regarding the rules for orientation of pieces for 5-6 year old to enjoy this game. So for once, I would have to suggest that the stated age range for the game is quite accurate in expecting it to be for those at least 8 years of age
I worked for CGE demoing Galaxy Trucker at Gen Con back when they were releasing the second edition. The demo was not very exciting, I wasn't too thrilled on the idea, it looked really kiddie. But since the moment I first opened it, it easily became a game that has never left my collection. Everyone screams and hollers and laughs at this one.
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Galaxy Trucker is getting a brand-new expansion called Keep on Trucking
The board game expansion will introduce a selection of new vehicles for players to use in their playthroughs of Galaxy Trucker. Provided by the fictional spacefaring company Corp Inc, the spaceships in Keep on Trucking are experimental vehicles that the player characters have been hired to test-drive in their various journeys across space. As well as the fresh spaceships to choose from, Keep on Trucking adds new gameplay mechanics with the rough roads cards which provide players with new challenges to spice up otherwise mundane travelling
3 months ago
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New Version of Galaxy Trucker Announced
Galaxy Trucker is one of the most unique boardgames I've had the pleasure of playing. It's constantly filled with tension and laughter - and is one of Vlaada's two best - the other being Space Alert.


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