Fossil Gen 5

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  • Great for beginners
  • Good battery life
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to use
  • Not a charger


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Android users still can’t get anything as good as the Apple Watch
By using the Fossil Gen 5 LTE, you’re agreeing to:.The final tally comes to three mandatory agreements and a few optional settings.
Dieter Bohn
7 months ago
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SOS, we desperately need some new devices to come out
Let's be honest, Fossil gen 5 is a great watch but it's been already 2 whole years in the market. Then of course you have the Oppo watch, the Moto 360 3rd gen and of course the "smartwatch killer" Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS... but, that's all we can get?
2 years ago
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Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch Review
99) offers a similar design and experience to the Gen 5, but it's better suited to small wrists, and Samsung offers an LTE model, so you can use it without needing your phone nearby..The Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch features an attractive design and smooth performance, but its size isn't suitable for all wrists
Brenda Stolyar
7 months ago
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Should I wait for a watch that comes out with Wear OS 3?
Long story short, I had a bunch of money on my Amazon account and decided to get a nice smartwatch. Decided to go with the Fossil Gen 5 and overall have been happy with it so far.
1 year ago
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Android watch ecosystem really needs a Google Pixel Watch. My Samsung Galaxy Watch Active died today and I looked for something new and it honestly doesn't seem like anything has changed in the last couple of years.
Fossil gen 5 is a really solid device. Definitely don't buy at MSRP, but they go on sale often.
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My Fossil Gen 5 got the latest round of firmware updates this Monday. Since then, no more sleep date is synced between the watch and the phone app (Google Fit).
Quick Fossil Gen 5 vs TicWatch Pro 3 comparison
* The charging rings on the Gen 5, as with other Fossil smartwatches, tend to break as is well-documented on this sub though I haven't experienced this. * The Gen 5 beats the Pro 3 in price, especially if you opt for the similar, cheaper 5E. * If you need LTE in the US, the Gen 5 is the only one with an LTE variant between these two.
1 year ago
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Speaker, mic, NFC, GPS... what more could you ask for?
I have only had it for less than 24 hours and barely used it. It's my first smart watch so I am new to this. It seems slower than I would like but then again I am still learning how to use it. Mine came with just the USB charger and not a wall charger. Also, it had about 5GB as opposed to the advert...
3 years ago
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Fossil's Gen 5 Tries To Fix The Smartwatch
I'Ve only been able to use the Gen 5 for a few days and it's on pre-production software, so the custom battery optimizations aren't yet working. From what is working
MrMobile [Michael Fisher]
7 months ago
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Thank You Fossil
I bought my Fossil Gen 5 in May 2020 and loved it, despite a few issues... 1. First, my charging ring fell off and they fixed it (and gave me a new watch band as a freebie).
1 year ago
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Case Size

44 mm

Case Thickness

12 mm

Water Resistant



Foldover Clasp