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  • Great for 2-4 players
  • Components are top notch quality
  • Art is unparalleled
  • Game is more card driven than worker driven
  • Digital version of the board game will be available in 2019


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Games with the Best Artwork?
Obligatory Everdell and Scythe mentions 😉. I'll also bring up Manhattan Project (specifically Energy Empire)... the art isn't on conspicuous display since it's used fairly sparingly, but it features an attractive comic book-ish style with thick lines and vibrant color. For my taste it's great!.
Everdell Game Review – Meeple Mountain
Perfectly Balanced (As All Things Should Be). While it can feel like one player is running away from the rest, in reality games of Everdell are often miraculously close, with players falling within 10 points or fewer of each other. It’s easy to play the game, but it’s hard to run away with it, and that’s a fantastic quality for a game
3 months ago
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Create a city full of critters to gain the most points before winter in this worker placement game.
Overview— You must create a city full of critters to gain the most points before winter in this worker placement game. Disclaimer – Skip to the end for the “Final Thoughts” to get a snapshot version of this review 1 – 4 Players. Competitive Length/Win Condition- The game takes right about 2 hours wi...
Fuzzy Llama Reviews
4 years ago
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Everdell (Game Review by Chris Wray)
I was not particularly impressed. There’s just nothing original there at all. That’s fine in many cases as well-known elements can be combined in interesting ways, but Everdell has too many rough edges
3 months ago
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EVERDELL: SPIRECREST Review: A Stellar Journey Through The Seasons — GameTyrant
Big Critters are on the way to help the industrious critters of the woodlands, though, and the cities will only continue to thrive in this beautiful tabletop game.I love Everdell and the Spirecrest expansion only underscores what’s great about the game. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit
3 months ago
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Everdell Board Game Review - The Board Game Family
So many options when it comes to choosing which cards to play. Everdell is a board game that rewards repeated plays. The vast amount of cards and possible chaining combinations essentially requires repeat play
Everdell: Pearlbrook Expansion Review
Finally, the new critter and construction cards work well and offer some increased variety.
3 months ago
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Everdell digital version coming from studio behind Root video game
Originally released in 2018, Everdell sees players managing and growing a society of forest creatures throughout the different seasons of the year. There aren’t many details regarding the upcoming digital board game available, with Direwolf providing a description of the title’s premise - that, as leaders of Everdell, players will be delegating construction, events planning and diplomacy to their many citizens, all before the winter arrives.
3 months ago
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One-Player Wednesday - (March 10, 2021)
There was a recent competition on BGG for new solo mode variants, and Everdell Unrigged (that won most of the categories) is a fantastic way to play; the AI takes cards only when you place a worker, rather than after taking a card, and also doesnt block any meadow cards but instead blocks more basic and forest locations. You see a LOT more of the deck than with the official solo version. I played with Spirecrest, Bellfaire, Legends, Extra Extra, and player powers, and managed to eke out a win 100-98. It was so much fun and I can't recommend the variant enough!.
Fantastic game!
On my 1-10 complexity scale this scores a 4 and on my 1-10 enjoyableness scale I give it a 9.
K. Armstrong
3 years ago
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