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Defy Insidious Jr

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  • Great for carrying around all your essentials
  • Strap is fantastic
  • Heavy and noisy
  • Perfect for radioactive fallout
  • Not the best option if you are superman/woman


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The 15 Best EDC Sling Bags You Can Buy Right Now
Purchase: $164+. Defy Insidious Jr. X-Pak Sling Bag
2 months ago
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They overdid it
I understand why good brands want to use high quality materials with two/three layers sewn onto each other, but the result is a bag that is extremely heavy and noisy. Because of metal and layers of cushion the belt alone weights as much as the bag itself! Do we really need a buckle that can hold 200...
M. K
1 year ago
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Any Small EDC Sling For Cycling Recommendations?
Defy Insidious Jr. in XPAC - the cordura version will be heavier. The strap is pretty amazing. I have the full size Insidious and have ridden with it. Killer strap.
Sling recommendations
The Defy Insidious Jr. on the other hand is incredibly well thought out. It's better suited to water bottles, but with that said, the only one of mine that fits well is my locking 17oz Takeya. I wanted a water bottle that fit upright, rather than have to take a leap of faith that it won't spill. My only ding on the Insidious Jr. is the front pocket - the top part above the zipper has no volume, which seems like an odd decision.
Perfect EDC bag
I bought both the regular and jr size bags to see which I liked most. I wanted something to stick all the little things I carry around with me now. My keys, phone, multi-tool, battery charger, flashlight and quite a few things more. I fit all that and more in the jr size bag. This bag has tons of po...
Joel R.
2 years ago
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looking for my first sling bag, would you recommend the Chrome Industries mini kadet or Aer day sling 2?
Other alternatives would be the greenroom metromonger, defy bags insidious jr. , dsptch sling packs, brown buffalo conceal sling, funk st. Outfitter commuterpak.
Finally narrowed down my choices :D
I find a stabilizer strap to be important when you're going to be moving around a lot, which it does have. I might also add due to the limited availability. Alternate medium sized slings could be a good idea. Bellevue venture sling, trakke Largo, topo designs quickpack, defy Insidious Jr, tom bihn lgd.
Sling recommendation for EDC
Other form factors tend to be a little bigger in terms of volume/what they can hold. A couple of options that are fundamentally different designs that *might* feel different enough are the Mission Workshop Spar and the DEFY Insidious Jr. These are bags with greater capacity than the Day Sling, but are comfortable unless you don’t like their weight. The buckles on either are not the easiest to undo.
How many travel bags is wayyyyyyyyyy too many?
For instance, my evergoods MHP 3.5 is great but itd be nice if it had a better strap and maybe a touch larger: hence looking at the defy insidious jr or the tom bihn la grande derrière. Sure, I could add them easily but frankly, like my corner diner or favorite machined pen, I wanna have the initial attraction that can develop into a familiarity of something i know and that knows me. And if its not there, welp, might be TIME TO GO. Still, guess as they say, this is my urban “system”?
Sling w/ Quick Adjust Strap?
Defy Insidious Jr has their amazing strap on it. I have the full sized Insidious and the strap is fantastic.