Curel Intensive Moisture Cream

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  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Moisturizing
  • Non greasy
  • Not tested on animals
  • Packaging is in Chinese only


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Great product
I’ve always used moisturiser but using this as a step before has visibly increased the radiance in my skin - my face feels and looks much healthier. Instructions say 4-5 pumps however I think 1 pump is enough as even 2 is too much for me. Would definitely recommend.
3 months ago
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[Review] Malezia: The good, and the burning
I only used it after a while of receiving it because I wanted to use up my other products first, and then when I finally got to this, I was plesantly surprised. The texture is super cosmetically elegant, a lotion that isn't too runny but also not too consistent, doesn't feel oily or tacky, and absorbs completely while leaving a soft smooth finish behind. I have almost perpetually irritated and blotchy cheeks from my skin issues, and this really helped even out my texture and SD issues within a week.
I use this every night...
Curel is my go-to brand for facial moisturizing. I use their intensive moisture cream at night, the face milk during the daytime, and slather the ultra healing intensive lotion (pump bottle trimmed in red) everywhere else. I rarely wear makeup, because of Curel I don’t have to. A bit of lipstick, so...
Linda Louisville
2 years ago
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[Review] I tried the entire range of Curél Intensive Care (so you don't have to)
**Curel Intensive Moisture Cream**. Let me start with what I love; the finish of the product. It is so cosmetically elegant on my skin and unlike most lotions/creams, it will not get greasy even after a few hours.
Maskne Solution! | CUREL Japan's No.1 Moisturizer for Dry, Sensitive and Acne Prone Skin
but yesterday I went out and used a Cc cream and it didn't give me any flaking or anything. The Cc cream applied smoothly on my skin. It is a good base for makeup so I recommend you guys to try this product
1 month ago
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[Discussion] HG anti-aging serums/toners/essences/creams that you swear by!
I find it increases skin hydration that those fine lines are less pronounced. Topping it up with *Curel Intensive Moisture cream*, my skin is so much supple now.
My ideal daily moisturiser
Rich, intensive moisturiser perfect for dry, damaged skin - will leave your face feeling soft and nourished.
3 months ago
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Bought this because i like the facial washer from this brand a lot
Bought this because i like the facial washer from this brand a lot. this cream turned out to be a success too! i went to LV for a conference, windy, dry and cold, yet this cream really helped, moisture enough during the evening and also hold the make up pretty well during the day. i have combination...
Min Ju
5 years ago
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Current products in my rotation! Mostly HG status. Some oldies and newbies (reviews in comments)
It keeps them moisturized all night long while I'm asleep. It requires very little reapplication.
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Very good product
This two are really great. Make my skin so soft and hydrated. Recommend
6 months ago
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