Crock-Pot Thermoshield SCCPCT600-B

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  • Made for cooking large meals
  • Unit is lightweight when empty
  • From start to finish had a pulled pork meal on high ready to eat in 5 hours
  • Locking lid for transportability
  • Cooks food hot even on low setting


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Consumer Reports: Does Crock-Pot still make the best slow cookers?
It weighs just 7 pounds, and the aluminum pot is round and has a ceramic nonstick coating—the only one in our ratings with that feature. Another feature that sets this model apart: You can use the pot on any type of range to sear, sauté, or brown food before slow cooking.
4 months ago
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Great Crockpot
I was hesitant to purchase a crock pot brand slow cooker as alot of the reviews for other models claimed they ran to hot. That was a problem for me because I didnt want to supervise the slow cooker as it was doing its thing.
I can say with this model though runs just fine so far. I've cooked about...
5 years ago
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It really does stay cool
I recently used my crock pot for the first time I love the ability to program The outside of this product really does stay cool to the touch It has a locking lid which will be wonderful for transporting I'm only hesistant about the gasket that goes around the lid and how long it will last I got it o...
3 years ago
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Crock pot Thermoshield Slow Cooker
Number 3. Food Stays Inside, Not on Your Car, Incorporating the Cook and Carry secure-fit, locking, lid and Rubber gasket design means you can confidently take this slow cooker with you to potlucks parties, tailgates and more.
Excited Kitchen
4 months ago
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Pros and cons to help you decide:
Here are the PROS
1. The unit is lightweight when empty
2. From start to finish had a pulled pork meal on high ready to eat in 5 hours.
3. The unit has four legs so is sturdy on the counter top
4. The lid has a built in gasket to keep the heat in
5. I like that you can clip the lid on while cooking...
5 years ago
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Not what I was expecting
I purchased this on 11/2019. I have made several different dishes and I am disappointed at the way the product cooks. Warm cooks like it is on high. Low cooks like it is on med-high, and I do not use the high setting. I bought this to start a dinner in the morning, leave it and have the food ready t...
2 years ago
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Also, it's got insulated. Sealing keep me hot for up to 70 % of the time. What I also like about this crock pot is that is cook and carry it's got a locking lid system that helps you travel with this anywhere
4 months ago
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Burns food
I don’t use this crock pot very often ! You must watch it carefully due to low temperature and high temperature as well as warm setting till burn the food at a constant rolling boil! No happy ! Horrible slow cooker ! Maybe they should rename it to an incinerator!
Texas Girl
7 months ago
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Great looking and cooks so well
I bought this model on month ago after much debate over the other ‘cook and carry’ models.. I loved that this model has a thermal shield as I constantly burn myself in the kitchen and it really does keep the exterior cooler to the touch. This crock pot cooks beautifully and it looks great too.. we’v...
4 years ago
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Review Crockpot SCCPCT600-B Thermoshield Slow Cooker, 6 quart, Black
Tell you the time remaining on the display when you're done just push the off button and the turbine with the unit off it's a really nice crock-pot, I'm so happy with this thing, it's large capacity. So this is a six quart capacity and we like to cook batches of beef, stew or chili, and then freeze them we're just a household of two.
Reviews, Tutorials & Tech
4 months ago
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